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    nausea and more
    snmorrison posted:
    am exactly 1 week and 1 day away from starting my period. for the past week almost, i have been feeling nausea all day long, nothing i can't live with, just a real annoyance. i have felt the urge to just sleep all day and night, i have had gas real bad the past couple of days (sorry if TMI), and my body itches, such as my breasts, ribs, stomach, legs and sometimes even my back. sometimes i can just be sitting not doing anything and i get very winded, and butterfly feeling in my stomach. i was feeling and little bit of lower abdominal pain, but it's starting to fade off now, and i've had constant headaches. i took 2 HPTs about 4 days ago, and obviously it was too early, but i just wanted to see and got 2 negatives. does anyone have any advice other than, wait another week? or has anyone experienced this same stuff and has been pregnant?

    ps. my fiance and i argue quite frequently now, because every little thing upsets me and sometimes even makes me cry.
    rlbradley responded:
    I've been looking online today at websites that have early pregnancy information. I also am one week away from my normal period start date and have your EXACT symptoms. I couldn't believe when you also mentioned the itching. I have yet to take a HPT. Take comfort in the fact that your not alone, and I spent all last night crying to my husband about nothing. If this isn't related to pregnancy, then I'm just going crazy.
    Maestro79 responded:
    I am in the same boat as both of you ladies! 1 week from my period due date. I am overall more nauseaeous than anything but I am also a bit on the tired side, had a couple of abdominal pains and feel extremely emotional!
    charon25 responded:
    I've continuously been feeling tired, naseous, bloated for the past three weeks, and my period is due on the 6th. I even fainted about two weekends ago for no apparent reason. I took a HPT yesterday, which was negative. I've been to the doctor a few times in the previous weeks, he put it down to the flu, didn't even suggest pregnancy. But this nausea is completely new to me, and the continual lack of energy. I feel like I'm going crazy waiting to see if my period will start!! And IF I'm not pregnant, I have no idea what's causing these imagination?? LOL
    spiderl1 responded:
    I know exactly how you feel. I can barely keep my eyes open at work! I am so tired and i am nausea until i eat something. I hate the 2ww! It is driving me crazy. I am going to test this weekend and hopefully will see a "+"

    Keep your fingers crossed for me and i will do the same for you.
    rlbradley responded:
    Everything I ate today has come back up, and if I'm not throwing up I'm sick at my stomach. I, like you ladies, feel like I'm crazy if it;s not pregnancy. Are any of you guys on the pill...? If so, what pill? I'm on Ortho Cept and obviously something is wrong. I now don't know if I should stop taking it or what....
    kr_moore2 responded:
    I am hoping all the best for all of you ladies!!! as for the birth control Q., if you think you might be pregnant, you should stop taking it and call your doc. Good luck to all of you!!!
    snmorrison responded:
    so has anyone taken a test yet?!
    mommy2thing1 responded:
    well ladies i am 10 dpo and this morning i got two + good luck to you girls
    lagunakissyface responded:
    Almost the same things! I cried all last night for no apparent reason!! But i've been having spotting... Here is a list of what I'm going thru... I didn't take the last 3 pills from my last birth control pack of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo because I forgot them when I went on vacation on May 14th. Then I started my period on May 17th. I went to the river on May 22nd and started to take my pills again (started a new pack). I have missed a couple pills since then, but took them when I remembered the next day. I have had sex several times since May 22nd. Then on Monday night, June 1st, I noticed pink spotting when I wiped, it was enough to cover the tissue a couple times. Then on Tuesday, June 2nd, the pink spotting got a little lighter with brown spots of dry blood. Then yesterday, June 3rd, I had just the brown spotting and then one tiny clot. I have been extremely sensative to smell and can't even stand to think about food. My stomach has been upset and I feel like I have the flu. I've been moody and crying at night about the stupidest things. I have an almost 3 year old son, and I didn't know I was prego with him until I was 3 months prego, but I experienced the light bleeding when I was prego with him too. I want to take a test so badly, but I know it's too soon. I'm not expecting my period until June 12th or the 14th...COULD I BE PREGNANT!??!
    snmorrison responded:
    think my breasts have gotten a little bigger, and the nipples have seemed to enlarge, and the white bumps on the nipples are visible, is that happening to you?

    ps. i'm fairly small chested, so it's quite easy to tell if they are getting bigger
    tweezyboo responded:
    sound like me when i got pregnant for the first time. I didnt know anything. I had all the same symptoms, plus i sat and cried for no reason. I couldnt explain why i was crying. Anyways, i took 4 test, it all came out negative until the first day of my missed period. In my opinion, you probably is preggo, but gotta wait.
    lijija1 responded:
    For the girl on the pill who is thinking she may be preggo, DO NOT stop taking your pill like a PP suggested. If you are taking your pills correctly, you are probably not preggo. If you miss a period, then test and discontinue your pills if its +. But you should never stop your pills midcycle unless you KNOW you are pregnant.

    Lovage responded:
    I have had all of the same symptoms as you girls for the past month. I took a HPT the day before my period was supposed to start and It was positive. The next day I started my period!!! So what does that mean? Any advice? *miss
    mzsweet responded:
    have been having nausea for about 1 week and 1/2 .i hardly eat because im always feeling sick to my stomach. it used to bother me at night,but now its in the morning too. now i can barely keep anything down, im tired, moody,and have been having a little abdominal cramping but not much. my period shouldnt come until june 15th and i have took a test last week but it was negative... what do yall think?

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