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    Mirena and Pregnancy
    lovebuggs posted:

    Hello , I have a question and I need some input of people who might have or are there in my position. I am a 28 year old female and I have been on mirena for abit over a year. I chose it after I gave birth to my son, my only child. Well since I am on birth control I figured I did not need to worry about that. Since I have been on mirena I had my period twice , and very light. Well when I do it is on the 11 th of the month. I last bled in april. For the past week or so things have changed. I have had short yet painful sharp pains in my right side (prev ectopic in my left side and ovary etc was removed) and the whole butterflies feeling and extreme exhaustion. I will be testing on Friday and will let everybody know If I am not.

    But I need to know if anybody has been on Mirena and had a pregnancy, miscarriage while on mirena or had a healthy baby on mirena. Please let me know thanks.

    Gen_619 replied to MsSarah04's response:
    How did things turn out? Did you carry full term? What she ok? I'm afraid I'm pregnant with Mirena. I had all the signs that it moved. Doctors say it did because they can still see the strings. I know that's BS. A week after I think it moved I started feeling sick. Actually, I feel pregnant. I got mine in March 2010 after I had my son & have not had the first problem until now.My blood test have come back "negative" says the 4 ob/gyn's HOWEVER my actual hcg levels fall in perfectly with my weeks pregnant. I got my primary care doctor to refer me to get an ultrasound because those 4 ob/gyn's wouldn't. I find out Wednesday if my IUD moved and if I am pregnant. It would be nice to see how you situation turned out.
    butterflytouchmommy replied to Gen_619's response:

    I am worried that I am pregnant as well. I have been on my Mirena for a year now. My periods have always been... a little funky but I have never missed a period. I am currently 6 days late and am having all the signs that say I am pregnant. What makes me even more worried is that my strings are very low compared to how they usually are; in fact they are almost hanging out of me. I did check to see if the Mirena it's self is falling out but I could not feel anything. I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago and it came out negative... however I may have just taken it too early. My husband and I currently have a 2 year old and 1 year old, hence why I got on the Mirena in the first place! I was on the pill when I became pregnant with our 2nd son so we were hoping that the Mirena would be the best birth control. I have an appointment Monday... we will see what happens.

    I understand where you are coming from, in my two past pregnancy's I had several problems with my doctors and midwife ignoring my concerns. Listen to you what your body is telling you. I have found that 9 out of 10 times, my body is telling me correctly!
    Gen_619 replied to butterflytouchmommy's response:
    My HCG level went up and then back down. My regular doc says there are 2 things that make HCG go up: pregnancy & the HCG diet. I'm not on the diet so that means that I was pregnant. I had an ultrasound done to check the placement of my Mirena. Come picture time it was right where it was supposed to be eventhough the night before the string was hanging out of me enough that I was pinching 1/4 inch of it between 2 fingers. I started spotting Monday. That could have been either implantation spotting or a miscarriage. I spotted Tuesday, also. This was dark brown & purple and then clear blood-streaked slime. My ultrasound was Wednesday. After I had it done I started bleeding bright red blood. The ultrasound tech & my doc say that there was nothing in my uterus other than the IUD. NOW... there's the problem. I was 2 days shy of the earliest you can "normally" see the sac. SO I could still be. Yesterday, after my shower I noticed my boobs felt odd. My friend that had had a miscarriage told me to squeeze them. I did and guess what came out!?! Yeah, you guess it. Milk. SO now I am back to being completely confused. I have another doctor appointment this Thursday to follow up on everything. I will post what I find out. OH and on another note, I have psoriasis. The only thing that makes my psoriasis go away is being pregnant. I've had it for 16 years... I am one with my psoriasis. So I know that at the very least I WAS pregnant because it started healing. Here's the kicker, it is still healing.
    DKNJ2013 replied to Gen_619's response:
    I also feel like I am pregnant. I have taken 2 tests, one negative and today one positive. I did not check the 2nd one until like 15 mins after I took the test, apparently that can give a false positive. Did you find out if you are really pregnant?
    Gen_619 replied to DKNJ2013's response:
    still haven't got an answer... here's the new stuff, I'm still lactating! Definitely having a WTF moment with that one OH and that "fluttering" you can feel with your second child, the feeling of your uterus shifting/expanding/moving/whatever... yeah, got that too... felt that 3 times so far over the past 2 weeks. the test my regular doc ran, which I'm not sure what he ran, came back "ok." my obgyn who initially said all of the symptoms could be explained by something other than pregnancy is now sending me to have my prolactin levels checked cause I should NOT be lactating. that gets done tomorrow so hopefully by next week I should know something. here's the problem. if I am still pregnant I will be 7 weeks this friday and I'm not so sure about getting the IUD removed. I've read that you have till about 7 weeks and then you're stuck with it... I'll update as soon as I can.
    doshiedoshie responded:
    im 22 years old and ive had the mirena in for 3 years. and last week i went through horrible pain and bleed so much i was confused on why that was happening i figured the mirena got knocked out of place or hit something. when i went to the doctor i found out not only did the mirena come out that day but also a baby. i had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and hadnt the slightest idea i was pregnant. its hard to know what can and can not happen as doctors have already been disproved on all the things they said couldnt happen. the mirena is something that has been very harmful on my health over the years but everyone is different.
    Gen_619 replied to doshiedoshie's response:
    I'm very sorry for what happened to you. I know how you feel.
    Turns out that I was pregnant. I only made it 4 weeks though. When it came time for the egg to implant, Mirena decided to do its job and my uterine wall was too slimy for the egg to stick. My body is still reacting to the hormone issues. My hair dye is not cooperating with me, and the last time I checked (2 months ago) I was still lactating BUT the hormone test said that my prolactin level was within normal range for a non-pregnant woman. Still can't explain that crap. Its heart breaking because I really wanted that baby. Most people can't tell they're pregnant at 2 weeks, but I have hormonal issues and my psoriasis reacts to hcg and retreats... so yeah, when I noticed that my psoriasis was going away and I was feeling sick, I knew something was up. I had one blood test come back that hcg went up and there are only two ways for that to happen... get pregnant or go on the hcg diet. I wasn't on the diet.

    I keep blaming myself. I keep wondering if on that first ER visit, when they asked me if I wanted them to remove the Mirena, if I would have said yes, would I still be pregnant. My friend says no because she bled something awful when she got hers removed and then had an unscheduled period. She says she thinks I would have miscarried anyway but I can't help but to wonder. I know 4 weeks isn't anything to most people but I spent 3 of those 4 weeks sick and I knew that I had a baby growing in me. I hate Mirena! But I'm stuck with it for now. OH and the ER docs said that I didn't need to worry about using back-up protection because you can't get pregnant with Mirena... WRONG!!!!! Guess I'll just have to play it safe... well, safer than being on the best birth controls there is!

    I just know that if everything works out in the relationship department, I'm getting this stupid thing removed so that I can have that baby I want so bad.

    If anything else comes up, I'll be sure to post about it. Thank you everyone for reading. If anyone else is going through this, please feel free to reply. It goes straight to my e-mail.
    sweets1988 replied to Gen_619's response:
    For a week now ive been having period like cramping, headaches and other symptoms of my period but no bleeding. For about 2 weeks total ive also been moody. Then food will sound amazing one minute & then nothing will sound good. at that point i can be slightly nauseous & stick with water. Ive also been very sensitive to smells which isnt like me. I worry, that even though ive had this cooper IUD in for about 8 months ( since my second daughter was a month old) that something isnt right. I am breastfeeding her still, but up until now my period has been regular for several months now. any ideas?
    Babies are life's little miracles and like all miracles they come from inside.
    Gen_619 replied to sweets1988's response:
    The IUD will throw your hormones way off, I don't care what the doctors say. From what I just through dealing with, the best and only way to know what it going on is to come up with some reason to talk you doctor into doing an ultrasound in about 4 weeks. If there's nothing in there but your IUD, tell your doc the symptoms but lay it on thick. I told my doc, actually 4 different OBGYNs and my regular doc just what was going on... my regular doc specializes in hormone and he knew something was up. BUT I think that if I was to really exaggerate it, the OBGYNs might have done something more for me. I'm not a nurse, I'm not a doctor BUT I know that I've been through hell and back over the past 6 months and if I can save someone some heartache and frustration, I will. Good Luck
    countryhoney12 replied to lorthorn's response:
    Did you have a period with your IUD? Has anyone that got pregnant on the Mirena IUD have a period while on the Mirena? Is it possible to get pregnant when you don't have a period while on the IUD? I'm trying to find out if it's possible I'm pregnant. Right now I don't see how it's possible. I've had my Mirena for over 3 years.
    Gen_619 replied to countryhoney12's response:
    I didn't have a period for a year. I hadn't had sex for two years either. The second time I had sex after that long time I bled. Personally, I think my Mirena was in wrong and it got bumped into the right position. After finding out what happened, I knew nothing was going to be right. I've had a period ever since complete with PMS. Now, it is nothing at all like my periods from before Mirena but going for a year without one then magically start getting one, that sucks.
    Mrs_White2012 responded:
    Well I'm going through the same thing. I've had my mirena a little over a year. I have my period around the same time every month. Now I'm starting too feel nausea, fatigue, and emotional. My feet hurt a lot more than usual and my lower back also. I had an etopic prenancy before and my left tube was removed too. I feel butterflies in my stomach, and my belly button feels weird. But I took a previous test and my results came back that I wasn't pregnant. Maybe this time it might show differently. Please let me know what I should do, because I'm only 26 and I don't know what I should do.
    Gen_619 replied to Mrs_White2012's response:
    You need to go to your doctor and explain every last detail of what you are feeling, and don't stop until they understand how serious you are. Tell them you are scared that you could be pregnant and you know that, despite what the company info says, you CAN get pregnant with Mirena. Depending on when your last period was, they may agree to do a blood test but I'm warning you, if your hcg level isn't 5 they won't care EVEN THOUGH it has to make it FROM 0 TO 5 and there is only two ways to make that hormone go up, get on the hcg diet or get pregnant. Mine did go up, but unfortunately things didn't work and the next test showed that it went back down. I hop you get the results you want.
    Sandishores replied to Gen_619's response:
    Hey I'm am going through something similar and would really like someone to talk too. Could you email me I'd really appreciate it.

    candicesean07 replied to Gen_619's response:
    I have had mirena in for two years now and I have had pregnancy symptoms a few times and this time it is worse than before, I have had issues the entire time I have had Mirena with liquid build up in my nipples, and then here recently, i have been so fatigued, and get light headed easily sometimes just while sitting down, been slightly sick to my stomach most days and it lasts almost all day, for the last four or five days been having the fluttering feeling in my abdomen and then today I have been having sharp pains in my lower abdomen as well. It has me so worried, I have heard of so many horror stories of misscarriages and the risks involved with pregnancies while with Mirena, just don't know what to do, I dont currently have insurance, I just need helpe!

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