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    Could This Be Pregnancy Symptoms So Soon?
    An_239466 posted:
    According to calculators, my ovulation time was the 26th through August 29th... It's September 1st and I've been feeling naseous, and exhausted, having headaches, my breasts are sore and my veins are more noticable than normal... Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms within days of conception? It's too early for me to take a test (I am not supposed to get my period until September 10th), but I don't know how what I am feeling could be anything but pregnancy symptoms. I have a daughter, so I recognize them well. The wait to test and find out for sure is driving me crazy. Has anyone ever had similar experiences? Or am I just overreacting to lack of sleep and too much caffeine?
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    Bridget521 responded:
    I have a son..although he is 12. But it does sound like possible symptoms. I had a positive OPK on Sept. 27 so I should have O'd between the 27-29. Ever since I have been cramping, had creamy cm more than usual..(sorry tmi), low backaches, high cervix and my temps have risen gradually the past 3 days.
    Today started slight pain in my bb's but not severe.
    So if you are hoping for a're not alone!! I am really hoping for it this month. So I hope you get the answer you want!! Baby dust!!!
    My cycle last month was 23 days so I am hoping that AF does not show next week and I can test!
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    It takes 6-10 days for a fertilized egg to implant and another few days for there to be enough of the pregnancy hormone to cause symptoms so I'd say it's way too early to be experiencing symptoms, especially since your period isn't expected until Sept 10.
    Proud mommy to PJ (4)
    jlbwondering35 responded:
    Well my DS is 6 months old and I can tell you that from the day I conceived (we only had one day to try that month and I used ovulation sticks) I was sick. I was nauseous for a full week and a half and exhausted immediately. SO with that being said, I was pregnant and feeling it within the same day. Everybody's body is different...that was my second pregnancy and I felt the exact same way for my first. So it's possible you're feeling it already.

    We DTD without TTC a few days ago, but there's a good chance some of the little guys escaped, I'm ovulating and have been nauseous for the past 3 days, exhausted and had shooting boob pains yesterday. I can't test till the 15th, but I'll be surprised if I'm not pregnant.

    Can't wait to hear from you!
    MommyOfAnna replied to Bridget521's response:
    My daughter is five, so it's been a while since I've experienced anything like this... but I haven't forgotten what I felt like when I was expecting her. I have had every "Early Symptom" listed on any website on the internet, however I took an "Early" test today and it came back negative. I know it's still a little far out (five days), but I can't wait to know one way or the other. I'm not necessarily hoping to be, nor am I not hoping to be. Part of me loves to entertain the idea of having another baby, but the other part of me is ok with just having my daughter. I don't know. All I do know is I'm getting impatient! Haha! Best wishes to you! Thank you for replying!

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