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    Oral Sex
    An_229338 posted:
    I am neary 50 years old and have been happily married for 30 years. Am I the only older married man that enjoys giving his wife oral satisfaction?
    Would love to hear comments, tips and stories from women and men.
    alaska_mommy responded:
    My husband loves to give me oral. (He is 34 and I'm 29). For some reason I'm not able to climax with oral but it works really, really well to get me almost there before intercourse. Sometimes I feel like I'm just sitting there while he's doing all the work, but he loves doing it, loves giving me pleasure. And I love receiving it!
    BalconyBelle replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    My fiance loves giving me oral, and I love giving it to him...but unfortunately, I wind up having to deny him his favorite dessert more often than not. Every other form of satification is a little easier to muffle my volume...but when I'm recieving oral, I slip up--and he's not exactly in a position to stop me. I live in very thin walled apartments, and I've already had the cops called twice because I was too loud.

    It's horribly embarrassing, and I try not to scream, bite down on pillows/sheets, ect....but sometimes he makes it impossible to be quiet. *Sigh* what I wouldn't give for a home of our own...preferrably with some soundproofing
    alaska_mommy replied to BalconyBelle's response:
    Oh man! That's horrible! In a funny way...but not funny for you I'm sure! I have a LO and his bedroom is right next to ours. So we have to be pretty quiet and I miss being able to yell (before he was born). When you have to hold back it just doesn't feel as good...hoping you get a nice, soundproof bedroom real quick!
    Maybe you could duct tape your mouth next time?
    alaska_mommy replied to BalconyBelle's response:
    Oh man how horrible! I mean, it's funny too, but horrible for you I'm sure! I have a LO who's bedroom is right next to ours so we have to be pretty quiet. I miss being able to yell as loud as I wanted before he was born. When you have to hold that back it just isn't as satisfying.
    Maybe try duct tape next time? Or even a gag, you could make it fun!
    alaska_mommy replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Oops, sorry for the double post--I got an error message w/ the first one.
    An_229339 responded:
    My current wife enjoys it a lot, but needs intercourse to climax.

    A previous girlfriend needed no assistance to climax, and we could both climax giving oral at the same time. Best sex of my life.

    Since the goal is giving her pleasure which arouses me even more, I'm always ready to do her the favor. And I can do it right after climaxing if she desires, so its as much as she wants.
    An_229340 responded:
    I am glad to hear others enjoy giving oral as much as me. Nothing Sweeter or Better than tasting my sweet wife! We have a house and no kids now so no need to muffle anymore...... been there - done that! Would love to hear more, possibly techniques we could share to each other for more excitement!
    An_229341 replied to An_229340's response:
    There's a very fun book titled, " I <heart> Female Orgasm".

    Very creative ideas.
    An_229342 replied to An_229341's response:
    Who is it by? Do you have a copy? Where is good place to purchase it?
    honkey123 responded:
    No you aren't alone in giving your wife oral sex. I nearly always did for many years. I could get her to climax then we were ready for the big fun. She would also give me a little oral sex before having a meeting of the bodies too. All is fair in making love, expect for rectal sex. We just don't like to think about that as some people do. To me God did not intend for us to have that kind of sex. Sex was made by God for procreation and that is why I don't think He intended it any other way. It is pleasing our partners in the right way!
    Timtnt replied to honkey123's response:
    I agree with you about rectal sex not being included in making love. That is truly an abomination! I am not condemning those who engage in it but definitely not for me. Wondering if others have experienced times when their partner was more intune with receiving oral sex? Is there an increase of vaginal wetness? I love it when she is soaking wet! Also would really like to hear imput from some females, as I want to improve on my orl
    al techniques.
    mendezwife replied to Timtnt's response:
    Im a married woman & I like oral sex but dont get it. I dont understand why my husband doesnt do it more. I mean I thought most men enjoyed it. He used to always say how "pretty" I was "down there" & loved doing it. Now its like I cant remb the last time he went down town!

    Stress has a huge factor in our sex life. I love giving him oral sex but it takes him over an hr to get off & Im so tired from doing it that he doesnt get it so much!

    Men.....if a woman can get off orally there's only 1 spot! our clitoris. Nothing else. Go fast & stay on point. rubbing of the legs, inner thighs & finger in & out help too. Most men think they are great at it...but most men suck at it. Kissing is one thing..but getting us off is even better! Listen to your lady & trust me most of us women like it....when we get it good. Be paitent...sometimes it takes a min. Just bc you lick it doesnt mean we get off! There's more to us than whats between the legs...neck, back, thighs, breasts....that will get us going.

    there's nothing wrong w anal sex either if both of you want it. Men you have to go slow & it be well wet. & you cant go in the whole way...specially if your big. it does feel good...but takes a while for it to feel good. Most women have to be well arroused for it to happen in the 1st place. but good communication will ease all that!
    An_229343 replied to mendezwife's response:
    Thank you for your reply mendezwife. Sorry you don't "get it more often" with your husband going dowtown. Has he always been reluctant or is it something that has gradually happened? Anything new? Have you started or stopped shaving your "downtown" area?
    I have a question about the clitoris? You say fast and stay on point. You mean rubbing and licking? Is it ok to suck it and "pop" it between my lips? I sometimes don't know if it is good or rough.
    My wife is not good with the anal part but you have given me an idea. You mentioned finger in and out. Does it work to rub anal opening while going "downtown"?
    Mind if ask your age and how long you have been married?

    Thanks to timtnt for your response as well. Hope to hear more soon.
    queston replied to An_229343's response:
    The clitoris thing can vary a lot from woman to woman. My wife's is highly sensitive and she can't tolerate much direct stimulation at all.

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