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    Steph and Tori
    tmlmtlrl posted:
    Oh where to begin??

    I really wish you wouldn't feed the trolls so much. You know they will go away if they don't have food.

    As I start this thread I already know what is most likely to come of it, but I really want to say my peace to you two. You are both a part of this community and what makes it the place that it is on a consistent basis. I truly hope that neither one of you will leave here because of the nonsense that's been going on.

    Steph, I know that even CJH had some critical words for you, but at least it came from a woman that you can respect. I understand your frustration and even more so your low tolerance of the situation. Remember that thread about "Posts that trigger" -- I believe this situation is such a post for you and maybe you just don't recognize it as such.

    I have absolutely had to walk away from my computer, take some breaths, and regather myself at times before replying to some things including MCK. I think she's worth it though -- she's moving in a forward direction.

    I guess my point is -- I really don't want to see either of you leave this community. Especially for some trolls that figured out how to push your buttons.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
    Anon_128523 responded:
    I sincerely hope that you are not refering to me as one of the trolls because I post anon. I know that alot of people here call the anons trolls but that isnt always the case. i have my reason for using the anon feature and i feel that despite that, i offer some very good advice. my replies have been nothing but respectful so i just wanted to make sure that because i do use a feature offered by this board, i am not lumped into a troll category.
    An_240060 replied to Anon_128523's response:
    yeah.........thats your opinion.
    Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:
    I second that post tml.

    When I saw that post exploding I desperately wanted to tell Steph and Tori that they were being totally baited by the drama-llama's, but I didn't want to add fuel to the fire.

    I didn't start my own thread b/c I can get preachy under fire, so I thought better of it.

    Thanks for this thoughtful post T.

    Tori and Steph, and any other long term poster...don't go. It gets like this sometimes, and then it comes back. If there were never any posts that brought out a passionate response in us, this board would be boring and useless.
    Spankyrae responded:
    GuardSquealer responded:
    Sorry Anon posters, but you just lose your street cred when you post anon. I understand why some do. There have been a few things I wish I had posted anon. I generally just glance over the anon posts not paying much attention to them.
    Anon_128523 replied to GuardSquealer's response:
    Whatever. You jerks can have this stupid board back. No wonder new comers leave, they aren't welcome if they aren't part of you little "family". See ya. Hope the anon trolls never leave any of you alone.
    Anon_128523 replied to Anon_128523's response:
    Oh yeah, by the way, the last couple of longtime posters that left, left BECAUSE OF steph and imme. They didn't leave because of the un-credible anons or the hand holding. They left because imme and steph do nothing but start crap all of the time. Open your eyes. Do unwelcoming jerks even know why people dont come back? I'm sure you don't care that I won't be back but you did loose slot of other great posters because of these two. That's it. Won't be back. See ya.
    GuardSquealer replied to Anon_128523's response:
    Somebody say something?
    GuardSquealer replied to Anon_128523's response:
    Seems that you do. I didn't say all anon posters were trolls. I just said I feel that it takes away some of your credibility by doing so. But thats your choice to do so. Never said that you couldn't and your always welcome to do so.

    Yea I complain about my job and my wife drinks. You think you mentioning that hurts my feelings? It doesn't. I have been told a lot worse and called things you probably can't even imagine. I do work at a prison. And even though you are a anon poster. The individuals that I deal with here are usually a lot worse than you.
    ImMe26 responded:
    Thank you TML, I was just frustrated yesterday with all the back and fourth. I agree I should have just left it alone, but I hate it when someone gangs up on another, esp one that I have been *friends* with on this board for years....but I will work on leaving stuff alone and just posting for myself .

    I would say I mostly enjoy everyone here and I would be a total hypocrite, cause I was mad when Pi and others have left....

    Im not going times when im very slow here at work, I like the back and fourth, just have to get into some positive back and fourth instead.

    Thanks Peeps!!!
    Don't put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!! Procrastination is a KILLER!!--ME(26)SO(28)DD1(10yr)DD2(8yr)DS(2yr)SO's-DD(8yr)DS1(6yrs)DD(5yr)LUV THEM ALL ALWAYS WANTED A HUGE FAMILY
    ImMe26 replied to Anon_128523's response:
    You dont have to go anywhere, we can all post here and get along.

    I think as time goes on and we all get to know eachother's posting style, it helps. There are some strong personalities on this board and sometimes it clashes with others, but its not something to be rude or nasty over. I dont think ive ever been rude or blatantly nasty to any poster. Im freakin 5'0 nothing 100lbs, I have no enemies , so why would I want any on a forum? Stay. and Im sure we can all get along. Get a screen name thats easier to keep up with and lets get to know one another......
    Don't put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!! Procrastination is a KILLER!!--ME(26)SO(28)DD1(10yr)DD2(8yr)DS(2yr)SO's-DD(8yr)DS1(6yrs)DD(5yr)LUV THEM ALL ALWAYS WANTED A HUGE FAMILY
    ImMe26 replied to Anon_128523's response:
    Uh oh, I didnt see that post about Guards wife, thats messed up.

    See if never talked to another poster like that directly, thats nasty and wrong.

    I may have at times, made bold statements, but atleast at the end of the day, they can respect my opinion, even if they have to think about it some.........still if some dont agree, they can atleast say I was respectful.
    Don't put off tomorrow, what you can accomplish today!! Procrastination is a KILLER!!--ME(26)SO(28)DD1(10yr)DD2(8yr)DS(2yr)SO's-DD(8yr)DS1(6yrs)DD(5yr)LUV THEM ALL ALWAYS WANTED A HUGE FAMILY
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    You are right, of course. I am still reading. Just don't feel like offering any advice.

    Every time I post *anything* cjh says I'm mean. I think a lot of times people say you're mean when they just don't agree with your opinion. Which is fine--I know people aren't always going to agree with me. There are times I don't agree with others' advice.

    But I never attack them because I don't agree with the advice they give. Although I think that last anon must have some real issues to say that nasty stuff to Guard. Hey, at least he's honest about his problems, I'm sure there's lots of stuff in all our lives we wouldn't want to be judged for. I may or may not have called him out on the affair but I truly was just curious, Guard, about how all that played out IRL.

    I also didn't "run off Pi". Please. That conversation was MILD considering some of the stuff that's gone down here. And, it went both ways, it wasn't just me. I have no hard feelings toward Pi or anyone else.

    I also don't want to hurt MCK any more than I already have--but I do need you to understand, MCK, that I wasn't trying to get anyone to stop talking to you.

    Opinions by nature are opinionated. I have gotten advice here over the last few years that's made me take a HARD look in the mirror and at myself and my marriage. I got advice I didn't like at the time because sometimes the truth is like a slap in the face. But I wouldn't be where I am now in my own life if I hadn't accepted both the criticism and encouragement offered by others from this very board.

    And for that I am thankful.
    cjh1203 replied to Anon_128523's response:
    Guard didn't call you a troll -- he just said that he thinks anon posters lose their street cred. Nobody has called you a troll. I have thought your posts up until now were very good. Then you did what you've accused others of doing, and more. Calling people names and attacking and mocking someone for their problems is pretty low.

    I don't have a problem with Anon posters except that it's hard to keep them straight. Instead of recognizing a name, we're supposed to remember every anon poster's six digits. I don't know about you, but I have enough stuff to try to remember without having to recall the 6-digit numbers of a couple dozen anonymous users.

    I can understand why someone we all know might sometimes want to post anonymously, but I don't understand why someone new would post anonymously since we don't know who you are or anything about you anyway. When you post anonymously, it's like you want to stay on the edges. It hardly seems fair to complain when that's what happens.

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