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    How was everyone's summer?
    tmlmtlrl posted:
    This board has slowed down quite a bit. There are a few people that haven't posted in some time now and I hope they are all well (Steph? and others..).

    The last week or so has been crappy for me, but I'll take it with a grain of salt. My summer was wonderful though. Not too much time with DH because of the whole drought thing and him chasing irrigation, but he did manage to spend time with us.

    I love the sunshine and heat although there were actually days that got too hot for even me! But I'll take it.

    I made a few cakes this summer. I wish I had more to do because it makes me happy. I've decided to make some for the heck of it.

    We spent some days at the beach too. I had my bff's son come stay with me for two weeks. Then at the end of August I went to TN to visit her and help her welcome her first grandbaby into the world. I'm only 35 and can already say I changed someone's diaper and now changed their baby's diaper!! Such is life.

    I know their are a few people who suffered devastating life moments this summer and my heart aches for them. I keep them in my prayers.

    How was your summer? Any vacations? Did the drought have a big or noticeable effect on you? Did everyone stay cool during the triple digits?

    Ironically my bff in TN was telling me almost every day it was raining there!
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
    MissCaptainKirk responded:
    Hi! I'm curious as to how other peeps are doing as well so I thought I'd "stop by".

    My summer was pretty great! I was very independent, outdoors about 24/7, always swimming or walking or golfing, got a sweet tan that I get every summer cuz I'm part Native American, very healthy all summer.
    I think if I were to have different religious beliefs I'd be a sun-worshipper (that's what everyone calls me). I have fibromyalgia and a VitaminD deficiency so warmth and sunlight are the best things for me.

    tmlmtrl, do you live in/near the Midwest? I'm just assuming, because I do and all the farmers around here suffered from the drought and you said your bf does something with irrigation...
    I feel bad that I enjoyed how dry it was, but humidity affects my fibromalgia in a bad way so dryness feels good. But I do feel awful for a lot of the farmers around here. I know it's been tough on them, and I'm always praying for them.
    I'm really connected to nature and as the drought wore on I felt so bad for the trees and grass and flowers.

    The minute classes started and cold weather started to hit, everything got bad again and things happened that caused my stress level hit the roof. I got very sick, had to have surgery and in so much pain I just don't wanna move or breathe LOL but I still do everything I have to do, no giving up. Although my doctor told me in no uncertain terms that if I don't get rid of my stress I will die young.

    No one understands why I'm so stressed and I can't tell them why because I don't down-talk my husband to people we know.
    Also we are looking into moving to a bigger apartment here in town and my husband and I are disagreeing.
    Also sessions with the marriage counselor have been intense and he asked us to come in more often, and the sessions are tough but hopefully it all leads to a stronger relationship.
    Despite all the stress, our anniversary was a couple of weeks ago, and it made me think back to our anniversary last year which was possibly the worst day of my entire life. I can see that we have come such a long way from then and I'm so thankful things are better now. It made me think of you guys and how you got me through so much!

    So, how are y'all?
    I hope everyone else got to enjoy their summer, and for those of you that have been going through some tough stuff, I been thinking of you and praying for you.

    <3 luck

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