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    Books for relationships/love
    Spankyrae posted:
    I know we've probably shared this in the past, but I thought it would be nice for the new exchange. These are books I've found to be helpful in dealing with the above:

    "In The Meantime," Iyanla Vanzant
    "The Path To Love: Spiritual Strategies For Healing," Deepak Chopra
    "Why Men Marry B*tches," Sherry Argov
    "Why Men Love B*tches," Sherry Argov
    "Better Single Than Sorry," Jen Scheft
    "The Highly Sensitive Person In Love," Elaine Aron
    "Women Who Love Too Much," Robin Norwood
    "Self Matters," Philip McGraw
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    kelseyshayne responded:
    I've got to go book shopping especiall since I have nothing else to do. And I've been having my share of relationship problems.
    Cjf86 responded:
    Thank you Spanky I will be writting this list of books on a piece of paper and look for them at my local library. thank you once again.
    Spankyrae responded:
    Everyone else feel free to post books they've found to be helpful too!
    STLEWIS87 responded:
    Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man-Steve Harvey
    How to Love a Black Man- i
    TheDeepBlue replied to Spankyrae's response:
    It might not be helpful but it's hilarious:
    "How to tell if your Boyfriend is the AntiChrist". Its a funny little book I picked up a while back. It still is on my bookshelf which my bf things is rather amusing, lol.
    kelseyshayne replied to TheDeepBlue's response:
    Wow that title is funny I'll have to get a copy. Who's the author?
    Schmaylan replied to kelseyshayne's response:
    I read a good one called " Breaking Your Addiction to a Person".. It really put into perspective how some of the things we do in a destructive relationship are based off an addiction...
    Spankyrae replied to STLEWIS87's response:
    Steve Harvey's book was great. It wasn't overly deep but then, that was the point, wasn't it? He used a just-right amount of humor in it.
    STLEWIS87 replied to Spankyrae's response:
    Yeah, i like it. It provided alot of new insight as well as some stuff i already knew. But it created a guideline for me, as a young woman, to go by.
    SMITHRL replied to STLEWIS87's response:
    What Women Want
    What Men Want
    -These two books are written by the same authors and have a lot of statistics and polls (which I like)

    Love Languages
    ***Highly recommended. Not only did it help me understand my SO better. But it also helped me understand my relationships w/ my family.

    All of these books are Christian based. I enjoyed them so much that I took notes while reading them. I know, I'm a little odd!! )
    IslandL responded:
    A great one is "The Dance of Anger" by Harriet Lerner. I remember actually hightlighting passages from that book and re-reading from time to time. She's also written several other "Dance of..." books as well.
    HermanMunster1001 responded:
    "The power of now" and
    "Road less traveled" are excellent books on Love, relationships and spiritual growth.
    girldiva replied to HermanMunster1001's response:
    dont forget "He's just not into You"
    everwondering68 replied to SMITHRL's response:
    Hey there....noticed your story and want to tell you something! I was raised in KS. too! I totally know what you mean about being a 'sad' fact! I moved to a larger town with more to do, larger selection of people and stuff. Made living there a little better! Now I'm in OK. Been here all my adult life. Pretty cool here. I just joined this site today. Don't know how often I'll check it. But.... appeals to be safe. Maybe we'll chat!

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