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    Hi I'm a man that has the same exact fetish and here's my tip to you.
    tigersan posted:
    I have been with regular women in the past and we always had the same issue... Only thing that was different in my relationships is that they ended, and i finally ended up finding a woman of my dreams , shes a physique competitor. But to the point. I know that to me this fetish is not just a regular fetish, this is a way we perceive women (or would like to perceive women) strong, independent, and muscular. I have loved all the girls i was with but i wasnt 100% happy, and I was just afraid to admit it to myself and to them. In this case I would see 2 options, if you REALLY love him, free yourself from shackles of stereotypes thinking that muscular women look like men, its utter nonsense, and start working out for yourself, and for your man. I guarantee you that he will be VERY supportive of you, and he will be the happiest man alive! Women as men have the same muscle anatomy and are free to develop it as they want. Most girls i know that started working out, fall in love with it and cant stop, it brings them self-esteem bost beautiful toned or muscular (depending how far you take it) body. So I dont see anything bad about women with muscles other than stareotypizing them. Muscles on women are something beautiful, and artistic, and most of fellow muscle-loving men put theese women on the pedestal.

    Another thing is atleast in my case, is that it did not affect my sexual life with regular girls atall. It's like normal girls aroused me as much as a regular and guy, but muscle girls took it farther and aroused me more. So you should never worry that you are not attractive to your man. Muscle fetish is rather separate thing. But you working out would change your relationship altogether and got rid of all of your problems.

    Even if he tells you hes done with it at some point, you can be 100% sure that he's not. This is something that doesn't go away. He will always crave this and admire muscles on women. And at some point he will start gathering pics and videos of them again. But if you try to join him in this "world" he wont feel the need to anymore...

    There's a saying: "Dont try to change people around you... You cant... Only instead change yourself... So if you really love him join him... It can be fun to both of you, and INCREDIBLY erotic...

    Just my 5 cents and experiences. Hope it helps.
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    tigersan responded:
    I said there are 2 options (imho) and i got so into writing this post that i forgot about option 2: If you cant join him in this muscle world, I would end this relationship... I know this sounds harsh but if your man is not happy, and he loves you very much he wont tell you that he's unhappy.

    But i encourage you to atleast try, its really fun to go to the gym together, and workout together. If you really love him do it. And dont treat it as something you have to do or else... Do it for yourself and for your man that you love... Convince yourself that its gonna make you better and stronger, because it will, and not only physically, your mental discipline will improve too. Mental strength to keep going no matter what is another aspect of muscle fetish. It wont be easy at the beginning i wont lie, i was bodybuildibng for 2 years so i know how hard it is at the start. But keep with it, and you will get used to it in few months and you wont be able to live without gym anymore

    I Can't workout anymore because i was diagnosed with MS but i support my woman mentally, emotionally, and financially especially when she competes. And its amazing we go through all that stuff together. And if you join together in this muscle world your relationship will be complete and whole.

    Best regards Les

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