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    Welcome Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Welcome to each of you! Let us know you found the new spot and tell us a bit about yourself and your condition since we start fresh with this new exchange.

    1. Name or the name you go by here

    2. UC/Crohn's or undiagnosed

    3. How do you currently manage your condition?

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    hannahleigh89 responded:
    I'm here, but it's going to take me a bit to adjust. I don't like it so far, but I have a problem with change...

    1. Hannah
    2. Crohn's
    3. Lots of medication, and it still isn't well managed. Currently trying Cimzia and not having any luck at all.
    kaj2313 responded:
    resection and meds

    Not sure I like this, can't find older posts and the people I usely listen to for advice.
    sheba_q responded:
    I'll give it a bit of time to get used to, but so far the one thing I really don't like (other than all the old posts going awol) is that the page is much busier than it used to be. Maybe if we could pick only the elements we want to see...

    1. Sheba
    2. Ulcerative colitis
    3. Dipentum, vitamins, probiotics, diet modification
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to kaj2313's response:
    The older posts are actually over on the digestive disorders board. I was able to convince them at the last minute that IBD really shouldn't be grouped in with all other digestive disorders-that it is more autoimmune than digestive.

    (Ok, so it may have been that I lost a lot of empathy for the "I have the worst stomach flu ever" people-at least the ones off line-years ago. Hello. I am your sister. I have had the same symptoms you have had for 48 hours for a good five or six years now-so didn't really want to be lumped in with all digestive gurgles and burps)

    To those of you with similar concerns about digestive diseases that got grouped together in the GI disorder board-I do encourage you to create your own exchange as well.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to sheba_q's response:
    You may find that going to the discussion page by clicking on the left side up at the top might provide you with a much less busy page and better option for you in reading the messages.
    swvagirl responded:
    swvagirl / Sarah

    Crohn's disease diagnosed in April of 2007

    Currently on methotrexate, entocort, and cipro, somewhat under control.

    This is kinda a weird set will take a while to get used to!
    skl70 responded:
    Wow, this is quite a change!

    1. skl70
    2. UC, since 2000 or 2001
    3. currently taking Asacol. It's pretty much managed, although there are days....
    rednewbie replied to kaj2313's response:
    Hi all! I am here... My name is Gin.... I have crohns and fibro... not sure which hates me worse.. depends on the day ...
    Treatment... no fiber diet to delay my second resection, pentasa and trying all my might to avoid remicaid.

    Hugs to all..
    LATH_Aches replied to hannahleigh89's response:
    I'm took me a while to find this place. It wasn't easy.
    hannahleigh89 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you for that. I had so much trouble remaining polite to people who had diarrhea for one night and were automatically assuming it was Crohn's or UC.
    AzJohnny responded:
    Hi, I found it. Not bad, it'll be fun learning the new system.

    1. AzJohnny. I've been on the old system for about 4 years.

    2. Crohn's Disease. Diagnosed in April 2006.

    3. Pentasa and Entecort EC plus morphine and several PRN meds for pain. Since the Crohn's dx I can't eat cows or pigs so I stopped trying to eat mammals. Also avoid fiber except that I take 2g of fiber laxatives daily. When I flair I go on a liquid diet to speed recovery.
    darkntall responded:
    I manage my condition with pentasa, probiotics, vitamin D, sublingual B-complex vitamin, multis, and a strong antioxidant.


    I really dont like this new format. It's too confusing. It took me a while just to find the crohns and colitis exchange.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to darkntall's response:
    Sorry darkntall. That is a situation unique to this exchange because it was originally redirected to the generic digestive disease board and there was a last minute change. Otherwise a bookmark to the old board would have brought you right here. That is entirely my fault because I really felt a separate IBD board was needed.

    As for the confusing, talk to me about what is confusing-I can help with some of that and let the team working on fixes know your specific problem areas.
    Kell12 responded:
    Hey there!
    1. Kelly ( Kell12)
    2. Crohn's
    3. currently on Humira, vitamins, fish oil. I did have a resection in September that helped put me in remission for about 2 months, then it reared its ugly head once again, confirmed through colonoscopy Jan 2010..

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