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    Is Colitis a Permanent Disease?
    usedtocook posted:
    Just got home from a week in the hospital. I was told that with medication and the low residue diet my colitis would go away, but reading on WebMD it sounds like a permanent condition. Also, reading WedMD it sounds like it might be a result of my RA. Colitis warriors, your input and experience would be appreciated!
    sheba_q responded:
    It depends on which variety you have. Did the doctor say you have a specific type of colitis? Some doctors use the term generically to mean that you have inflammation in your large intestine.
    miserable_sob responded:
    In my case of ulcerative colitis, I've been stuck with it for 30 years and there's just no getting rid of it, same for Crohn's too. My colon is gone now but I'm still stuck with the last effects and struggle everyday.
    An_258825 responded:
    Sadly it is a chronic disease. You have to be on meds and get in remission if you don't want to be in the hospital. Find a good gastrointestinal doctor. If you've had this for 30 years how have you made it this far without being on meds? It never goes away and sneaks up on you like a ninja. In twenty years of having it I've only been hospitalized twice. Once because it kicked my a__ and I refused to give in until it was too late and #2 I forgot to take my Humira dose when I was supposed too and it messed me up.

    Good luck,
    jbicaci responded:
    I had Crohn's for 55 years but I found out 8 years ago. I was lucky to receive a treatment in Italy where I had an appointment to remove part of my intestine do to excessive pain. The Italian Doctors treatment was the following shots in 1960 and 1963: Methionine, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin K. I learned that a clean liver puts Crohn's in remission in my case for 3 years each treatment for two weeks. When I showed the Italian prescription to California doctors I was told there was no such thing. Not knowing doctors are Pharmaceutical trained only. Apparently I received nutritional healing. After many try of Crohn's medication and getting sick I located Liver Support Factors pills by Country Life at the Vitamin Shoppe and putting Crohn's in remission. The pills contain Methionine, Coline, and Milk Tissle with other ingredients and it worked immediately. One of my main problem is acid stomach with terrible reflux. The pills removed that symptoms immediately. I don't like taking them every day but until I will find a doctor that can understand my treatment that lasted 3 years. My best wishes to you.
    winerschnitzel replied to jbicaci's response:
    Yes, it is.

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    All I have now are body aches. Colonoscopy found pan UC 11/2008. I had reoccurring iritis before starting Apriso.

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