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    June Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Introduce yourself-even if you feel like you live here.

    Name or what you go by on the exchange
    IBD: UC or Crohn's or unsure
    Share your favorite thing about summer.
    arbob2 responded:
    Hi: Well, I go by arbob2

    Ulcerative colitis, dx November 2008

    Favorite summer thing: Daughter and son-in-law's Michigan lake house where the whole family has a whole lot of fun!!!!! Great fishing, swimming, lots of room to relax, and just plain super!
    mindyj1971 responded:
    I'm Mindy.
    I have Crohn's Disease.
    With the kids out of school, I love not having a rigid schedule to stick to! FREEDOM! Sleeping in is pretty awesome, too!
    forgetfulagain responded:

    I go by 'forgetfulagain' because I have forgotten my username and password several times until this current one - it's a good one since it held up for several years...

    I have Crohn's although I was diagnosed initially with UC. My symptoms were first noted by a doctor when I was 11 or 12, but I got the UC diagnosis some 15 years later.

    My favorite thing about summer is beach vacations. I grew up spending a month on the Adriatic beach every summer. I haven't been to the beach in years and I really cannot afford to go. I hope one day I will either live on a nice beach or have enough money to take vacations...For now I just daydream about it.
    barbarafromtucson responded:
    IBS (was invited to be part of this group)

    The longer I've lived in the desert, the more I like the HEAT, and dislike being 'cold'. I wish it would be in the 90's year round.
    When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile!!!
    jodi2125 responded:
    Can we still participate if we dont have ibd??? I know when the board changed there was uncertainty so I havent posted much.

    Name or what you go by on the exchange: Jodi and go by simionj
    IBD: technically IBS but who knows. I had a resection due to adhesions and lsot over 4ft of my ileum and have been miserable ever since. Cant eat any fier, food goes right through me, im anemic and b12 dficient. I clearly have some malabsoprtion going on. my latest GI calls me short bowel esque syndrome since I technically didnt lose enough to have short bowel...
    Share your favorite thing about summer: Not working and being home with my boys.

    I hope you guys dont mind me being here....
    kaj2313 replied to jodi2125's response:
    I'm Julie or kaj2313
    I have crohns, started out being told IBS.
    Summer usually means the lakes, this year not sure! Other wise I just love the smell of summer grass being cut! In ND we only get a few months so we take it and enjoy every min.

    Jodi as far as I'm concerned you are welcome to be here!! Everyone needs a place to talk and vent and get advice! Everyone here is great!!
    mattdamonishot replied to jodi2125's response:
    Hi I am Susan. I go by Mattdamonishot because well: MAtt Damon IS hot!!Although my hubby hates him. Hmmm wonder why??OL

    I was dx'd with UC in February 2010

    My fave thing about summer is takign my babies to the pool (they are almost 1 year old twins and a 3 year old).
    forgetfulagain replied to mattdamonishot's response:
    Matt Damon is HOT!!!
    mindyj1971 replied to jodi2125's response:
    Of course we don't mind you being here! Join in anytime! I personally think that losing 4 ft of your ileum and all of your other issues entitles you to any GI board you wish to participate in:) You've earned it!

    Take care-Mindy
    rednewbie responded:
    Hi all! I go by Gin!
    I have crohns.. and I am totally sure I have it!
    my favorite things about summer, is grilling. I love grilling (and NO! my husband does NOT do it! if he did I would much thinner!), flowers, and central a/c!
    And for all of you who are not sure you belong here, of course you do! the more the merrier!
    Laurafr responded:
    Hi there! I haven't yet been diagnosed with ... well, anything! But I have a feeling it is Crohn's or UC or Ankylosing Spondylitis (sp?) or something of this 'family'. I'm 39yo and I've had bouts of iritis since I was in my late 20s - at times very severe. I've had numerous blood tests and all have said "normal" or "slightly elevated but nothing to worry about..." Last June I started having bouts of diarrehea (sp?) that wouldn't go away. Changing to an almost no-fat diet made the bouts less severe. In October they removed my gall bladder. After the surgery, I was told that my gall bladder was not inflamed and there were no signs of stones. The diarrehea returned. Almost daily. Took otc Immodium but that made me constipated and painfully bloated. I've also started having terrible joint pain, mostly in my lower back and hips, but at times in every joint in my body. Long story short, I ended up in the ER on Monday because I was vomitting all day even though I had not eaten anything. I had severe stomach cramping. The ER really couldn't do anything since I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy and possible upper on Friday. They gave me a shot for the pain and cramping, and some pills to stop the vomiting. I'm hoping the test(s) on Friday will finally get me moving in the right direction for some relief or at least some understanding. I will admit, I'm pretty scared. I was wondering what others experienced leading up to their diagnosis. Has anyone had a similiar experience to mine? What made the diagnosis? Was it the colonoscopy?
    Kell12 responded:
    Crohn's for sure!
    The beach, cookouts, swimming, boating..
    ravenjen replied to Kell12's response:
    I am ravenjen, or Jenny.
    I began treatment for Crohn's Disease in March of 2009. I started having serious symptoms 6 years ago. I am 22 years old.
    I just graduated college, and am very thankful for a summer of rest. The past few years have been challenging health-wise, as I am sure you all understand! I am looking forward to being in friends' weddings, sleeping in, and enjoying the sun, all before I head off to grad school in the fall.
    I am excited to be a new member of this community.
    cook1958 responded:
    uc for 6 years
    I have been in remission for 2 years.....YEAH! I work at a school so summer time is all me!

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    All I have now are body aches. Colonoscopy found pan UC 11/2008. I had reoccurring iritis before starting Apriso.

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