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    An_183871 posted:
    I was just dignosed with colitis in April and have had 2 flare ups since then it may be due to stress but also I think I need to change my diet. I have been thinking about going on a gluten-free diet. Has anyone been successful with this diet and this diease? I am on medication as well.
    OyWithThePoodlesAlready responded:
    I went GF 5 years ago and I was basically symptom free for 3 years but my crohn's was very mild back then - I had a "maybe" dx of crohn's and the pain would occur intensely for a day and then I'd be fine for a month or 2.

    I also have upper GI issues that GF solved, which is why I started it - I ate a bagel one night and felt horrible so I started to reduce gluten and the upper gi stuff felt better. I had hoped I could just reduce it, but felt best when I strictly avoided it, so I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find the crohn's pain went away too. Only thing I would suggest is to get a blood test done for celiac's before trying gf just to be sure bc its based on antibodies which won't show up once you've been gf.

    My GI did an upper endoscopy with my last colonoscopy and said there wasn't any evidence of celiac damage so he doesn't think I have it which is good to hear, but I was surprised, bc I was so sensitive, I noticed even when I started taking flonase that it has gluten.

    You probably noticed that I said I *was* symptom free for 3 years. My issues seem to have very slowly gotten worse over the past 11 years and my pain gradually returned 2 years ago - first allergies, then asthma, then the upper gi stuff (when I took flonase but it never completely went away even after I stopped) - and then the abdominal pain. I started prednisone the beginning of May. Currently I'm living on whey shakes and am down to 10mg prednisone (I go down to 7.5 tomorrow!) and am trying to find solids that don't make me feel yucky. On the liquids I feel great - need extra sleep w the decrease in prednisone (avg of 10 hrs a night), but am strong again, and can work out and play soccer, and am in no pain.

    I certainly don't want to live on liquids forever, but I wanted to try to see if any other diet stuff would work like gf did before I tried remicade.

    Initially I was frustrated when I got sick again bc I'd been so good about gf but now I'm grateful that I had those 3 years of feeling good, even if it didn't last. It takes a while to adjust to eating gf, but by the end it was fairly simple. I certainly wouldn't do it if it didn't make a difference, but it might be worth a try, esp if you've noticed that bread or breakfast things make you feel worse.

    hope that helps
    sheba_q responded:
    Here's a starter diet that I've posted before. Some of it you're bound to react to, some of it you might not, and there are likely foods not listed that you have trouble with.

    * eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals
    * avoid eating many processed foods
    * avoid citrus fruit and anything highly acidic
    * reduce the amount of rich, greasy and fried foods
    * limit consumption of milk and milk products
    * restrict your intake of high-fibre foods
    * avoid whole corn (inc popcorn)
    * cut back on sugary foods
    * avoid alcohol (esp beer)
    irishgrl81 replied to sheba_q's response:
    I do that diet now execpt I usually have at least one or 2 dairy products a day.

    I don't really snack cause I work crazy hours and my hours are not consistent.
    miserable_sob replied to irishgrl81's response:
    I can't vouch for probiotic diets when I had Colitis, since nobody suggested it to me at the time. But if I still had my Colon attached to me I'd be curious to give it a try.

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