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    November Roll Call
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    To those who are new, those who stop by once in awhile and those who visit frequently - Please Introduce Yourself -

    Name or what you go by in Community (or both)
    IBD - Crohn's or UC or Unsure
    Share your favorite things about the fall season.
    swvagirl responded:
    My screen name is SWVAGIRL but my name is Sarah. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2007. My favorite thing about fall is either the leaves changing colors or the upcoming snow season....Not sure which is better
    TD143115 responded:
    My screen name is TD143115 and my name is Tania
    I have Crohns: Dx in 2008
    My favorite thing about the fall season is the cool weather since I live in Fl and it is not very common : ) so I loove the nice cool air!
    mindyj1971 responded:
    Hello all! My name is Mindy (screen name is mindyj or mindyj1971....I can't remember, LOL)

    Diagnosed with Crohn's on September 11, 2008. Just found out that surgery to have my colon and rectum removed is set for December 14.

    I LOVE the cooler weather! I've been on steroids for the past 6 months and feel that I may spontaneously combust at any moment! Darn hot flashes! GGGRRRRR!!!
    dianefaye responded:
    Hi Everyone! I am dianefaye, 57 years old, and two years ago three docs could not agree as to whether I have crohn's or not!! So I have posted what has been going on then and now in hopes that maybe it will or will not sound like the onset of crohn's to anyone else????? thankyou so much, dianefaye
    arbob5 responded:
    Wow, not much going on these days on this exchange, right? Either we're all doing so well, or just the opposite...hopefully doing well.

    Hello everyone! Comments?
    OyWithThePoodlesAlready replied to arbob5's response:
    Not much indeed!

    I'm Ali, dx of Crohn's April 2010 but was told I probably had it 2005 when it was milder

    favorite thing about fall? I love the mornings when the air is fresh
    cancu responded:
    Screen name is cancu, but my name is Uli. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in fall of 2006 when they removed 2 feet of my colon. I'm 46 and live in California. I love the fall, with the cooler weather, which reminds me so much on my country Germany where I'm from.
    miserable_sob replied to cancu's response:
    This kind of roll call almost reminds me of my early school days, when you'd rather just stay home, watch cartoons, etc. The circumstances might be different here but I'd be glad to keep away from this site if I never came down with Colitis and all the unpleasantness after that.
    PAsue responded:
    PAsue is my screen name. My son was just diagnosed with Crohn's so I joined for some support to help him out.
    Fall is beautiful in PA, cool nights, leaves changing colors and falling.
    mazdagirl1977 responded:
    My name is Lisa. User name is mazdagirl1977. This is my first time posting on this exchange.

    I started feeling unwell shortly after giving birth in February. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in May. It's been a painful six months to say the least!

    I love the cool weather, the leaves changing color and watching them fall.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thanks to those who have responded so far, keep the intros going. Oh, I have not responded.

    I am Elizabeth, I recently began moderating this board after your great leader, Louise, moved on to a new adventure.

    I do not have Crohn's or Colitis so I am unable to offer personal experience. I do suffer from severe lactose intolerance and relate to that part of your disease.

    Fall for me = UF Football, tailgating and family. Oh, and a break from our "highs in the 90's" temperatures.
    meggers1989 responded:
    Hi My name is Megan
    I am 21 and i was diagnosed with Collagenous colitis about 6 months ago. After 2 weeks in a hospital facility after passing out in my work place, i went to the doctor and they told me i had acid reflux and the next day i passed out from sever pain at work and had to be rushed to hospital, i am engaged was suppose to be married last may but due to this i had to move my wedding to stay on my parents insurance, tried asacol, and it put me back in the hospital, I still have not learned to cope with this, it has affected my job my life. My uncles have uc and just colitis so im not in it alone, but people in my family still dont understand what its like, to be 21 and have a disease like this. I have just lost all hope. SO thats why i am here, hoping that something or someone can help me gain back what i have lost.
    Chronie2001 responded:
    Hi my screen name is Chronie2001. but my name is Stephanie. I was diagnosed in Nov 2001. so ten years now. had 1st surgery back in march 03, took a foot out of small bowel. was in remission for almost 9 years and symptoms are coming back slowly, which i am trying to manage. My favorite thing about the Fall is Football and the leaves changing colors. I could do with out the cold weather completely. glad to see we still have some of the originals still posting. I hope everyone is doing well, we usually have flareups during this time. so take it easy and dont stress over the holidays. Take care Everyone!
    shanna_02 replied to Chronie2001's response:
    Hi I am Shanna and I have Microscopic Colitis.
    Fall is my favorite season...I love all of the changing leaves and cooler temps. I love it so much, I got married this September just for the beautiful days!

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