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    Fed up with my digestive problems, any advice or input?
    jkeitht72 posted:
    For the past seven years, I have had major problems with my digestive system.

    At first, it started with simple bloating — I would belch nonstop for hours, but rarely did the belching help — but over time I also started having issues with diarrhea and constipation, stomach cramps in my lower belly as well just below my sternum, and nausea.

    The most recent symptom is an immense amount of flatulence as well as the belching and bloating. Now, the bloating is so bad that the pressure builds and I start having severe pains and difficulty breathing.

    I have seen many, many doctors for this. I have had several x-rays, a stool sample taken, blood tests done. Celiac's was negative, among many other things including Crohn's. My doctor has me scheduled to do a CT scan next. I am at my wit's end trying to find some kind of way to deal with this problem. I am tired of having to pass gas and belch all the time just to relieve the immense pressure in my stomach, especially since the gas comes out very loudly and very smelly. It almost smells like sulfur, 90% of the time.

    My doctor also had me up my fiber intake, and for a few weeks I was taking around 45g per day. It did nothing to help. They gave me all sorts of medications, none of which have helped. Even when I was preparing for my colonscopy and had drank the jug of stuff that emptied me out, I was still having bloating and belching issues.

    Any help?
    Miserable_SOB responded:
    I understand how you feel. First I had Ulcerative Colits, and now I have a J-Pouch. Both are no win situations. At least you can pass gas. The only place I can do that 99% of the time now is on the toilet. My life is cursed. I'm looking forward to death.
    arbob5 responded:
    UC is so difficult to deal with...I was diagnosed 3 years ago and it has been a battle until recently. All kinds of different meds, different dosages, etc. etc. until I was one of the fortunate ones to finally find the correct course for me to take. My GI doctor never gave up on me, even tho I was just about ready to myself. He prescribed Lialda (after trying other meds), prednisone (which can be wicked and very difficult to get off it once you're on it) and probiotics (which, by the way my doctor didn't particularly feel one way or the other about them), but this combo has helped me tremendously.

    I know this combo won't and doesn't work for everyone, but what I'm saying is that hopefully there will be a winner for you soon. There are so many meds out there for this condition. Unfortunately, they are very costly too.

    Diet can help too. You know what you can and can't tolerate I assume. And you need to stay away from what does cause a flare. I know that's difficult sometimes, but it's something that you have to do. And the probiotics I use are Dr. Swanson's Ultimate Formula Probiotics. You can purchase them on line at If they don't work, you get your money back in full. So you really can't go wrong with them. Again tho, they don't work for everyone. Now my GI Doctor is suggesting them to other patients because he has seen how they have helped me.

    Positive thinking...I know this is very, very difficult, but it does help. Also a sense of humor. I try to find the humorous side of just about everything. Our dog, Bella, really provides us with so much fun and laughter She is a clown and thank God for her and my husband. Quite a pair.

    Please try to be as patient as you can, because hopefully something positive will come your way. Keep us informed on how you're doing...we're here for you and we do care. God bless.
    daleedah responded:
    Sounds to me like you are lactose intolerant. the sulphur smell is the key. I was told I was lactose intolerant before I had symptoms, it shows up in blood tests.

    Anyway try Lactaid milk or switch to soy milk, lactose free cheeses, avoid chocolates as most have some small amount of lactose, and look for lactose free deserts and snack foods.

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