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    Crohns and Salmonella Poisoning
    CountryMommaFlorida posted:
    I have Crohns and was on methotrexate and immune suppresant meds until I contracted salmonella poisoning. I became sick after flying north for my grandmothers funeral and touched something before eating pretzels and contracted salmonella. I am fighting depression as this has caused me to not be able to work due to being in the medical field. I am very frustrated at how long it is taking for treatment and that this has caused me to go back into a COMPLETE flare up. I will be honest, I don't know where to go from here, I feel so lost. I finally was beginning to live life again and now I hurt so bad and can't go far from a bathroom. Has anyone ever been in this situation? My docs say they have never delt with this situation before and I don't have much confidence as my GI for the last 6 years moved right after diagnosed with salmonella and the GI and the docs from Infectious Disease have given me little to no idea of what is going on. They say that it responded to 3 different antibiotics in the sensitivity test however one of the 3 is what they used for 12 days by IV in the hospital and 10 days oral at home when I was first sick. Now they want to put me back on it for 2 weeks until they know what to actually use to treat it. Does that make sense to anyone? It doesn't to me but I'm not a doctor either. Very frustrated and feeling very alone in this challenge. Please give me any feedback, it is much appreciated.
    LauraLW responded:
    Hi Heather, I'm sorry you're feeling so sick and frustrated right now. Not only are you having a flare, you're also struggling with salmonella, which totally sucks.

    While I have not been in your exact situation, I too have crohns and recently had giardia, which is an intestinal parasite (the one you get when you drink the water in Mexico, though I hadn't done any travelling!). The giardia went undiagnosed for at least 6mos and was very sick during that time. Due to recent bowel surgery, my GI thought that I was having extreme nausea due to obstructions. I am very happy with my GI and have a ton of confidence in him, but I had this nagging feeling that the diagnosis didn't exactly fit. We found out later--giardia. Should've listened to that voice in the back of my head.

    But I guess, what I'm saying with that is that 1) you don't have confidence in your GI, 2) he/she is not familiar with your situation, but as far as you know, has not consulted other GI specialists 3) your needs are not being met and there's a lack of communication. Remember that you do have the right for a second opinion and a fresh pair of eyes to look at you and what's going on. In my case, giardia was easy to treat and I had a lot of relief at first, then got really sick again. I thought maybe the giardia wasn't all gone. It was gone, but was having a flare and my meds had become ineffective. Change meds and feeling better. Maybe your GI could look at treating your crohns as well as the salmonella.

    The antibiotics situation is confusing. It can be common practice to put someone on a generalized antibiotic before the sensitivity testing is done. But as you've had the sensitivity test, and the antibiotic has been ineffective, that's where they lose me..... Is there a test they can do to make sure that the salmonella is gone? Maybe you're like me and the bug is gone, but you're sick bc of flare up?

    I'm glad you reached out, and I hope that just talking about it has helped a little. You're not alone, and the struggle with depression is a very real thing and something that probably all of us w crohns has gone through or is going through. I've had many complications w crohns but had never suffered depression til last year. I got on some meds and it has really helped. I'm not on it anymore, but I think I'd still be struggling if I hadn't sought help. If you need help, I'd encourage you to seek it out. You will make it through this one, even though it might be the longest and most difficult time you've had, you will get the help you need. You will feel better.
    hannahleigh89 responded:
    Let me see if I'm understanding the antibiotic situation clearly. They did a culture and sensitivity and got it back and it responded to three different antibiotics. They placed you on one, and you remained on the same one for 12 days in the hospital and then 10 more days at home. And now they want to put you back on that same one for two weeks. Is this correct?

    Secondly, while you were on that antibiotic, did you experience relief of your symptoms of salmonella?
    CountryMommaFlorida replied to hannahleigh89's response:
    Thank you Laura and Hannah for responding, I was beginning to think not many people are on the site anymore!
    Laura, so glad to read you were able to get over the illness and I can so relate with you. They have been testing me for the last 5 months and they all come back positive I still have salmonella. I now am having various joints swelling for no reason which can be a sign it is in the blood and causing infection in the joints. I am addressing that today when I go see the GI. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciatied and needed right now! TY!
    Hannah,first thank you for responding and your concern and support but, yes you are correct in what you are stating. It's the same I was on before and she wants me to try 4 weeks of it. It's Cipro which I have taken MANY times in the past which leads me to the concern of resistance which is very common for me with medications. I didn't see alot of change with it last time but was also informed after 8 years how to properly take it and I sooo didn't regulate alot of things that will make it ineffective. I still see no change though even after taking it properly.
    I do have an appt today with the GI after having a colonoscopy last week showing inflamation(of course), ulcers, bleeding lesions and stricture. That was located at the surgical site from small bowel resection and could not go past it with the scope. She sent me a message stating "Hi, I think restarting remicade is a good idea". YEAH- ya think!! LOL
    I appreciate you returning a post to me, it really helps to know I'm not alone!
    hannahleigh89 replied to CountryMommaFlorida's response:
    I would really think they would want you on more than cipro if you've been battling this for that long. Especially since it showed sensitivity to other drugs as well.

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