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    colitis attack
    kathy_1961 posted:
    hello everyone, i'm also new here and don't really know if i have colitis or not but when i went to the emergency room a year ago, i stayed there for 3 days..the reason i went was, i guess like some of you, it started with bad abdomial pain, then to the bathroom cause the pain would double me over, then this is what followed..alittle constipation, lots of diarria, broke out into a major sweat, legs went numb, arms tingling, hands drawn up, dizzy, hiperventalation, couldn't open eyes cause i would get dizzy, couldn't hollar for help, vomiting, and when that was sorta done, i would have to crawl to the bed. had to change clothes cause i was soaked with sweat, then all during the night every 30 minutes this god aweful pain would occur, it felt like labor pains and when i got up the next morning, thought i had diarria but instead it was blood. that went on for many hours. now does this colitis flare up cause all this. was suppose to colonoscopy but no insurance and money very very tight, so i couldn't have one done. within a year, i've had only 2 of the severe, but inbetween that i have light systoms, if i get to hot, it kicks up, is this the way it goes and from what i heard there is no cure for it? i hope someone can help me thru this and to understand it and learn what to do,,cause it doesn't give you much time to take anything and if i could it wouldn't stay in..thank you for letting me have this time and hope i can understand to deal with it, cause i really wonder sometimes..
    cook1958 responded:
    I'm so does sound exactly like my attacks and I have UC. I've never heard anyone describe it as well as you did, arms a terrible case of the flu. UC never goes away, it can go into remission though. I have been in remission for 5 yr and I am currently having a slight flare. I'm on a low dose of prednisone and they upped my Asacol that I had been tapering. You really need to see a Dr. I'm so sorry about the money issue as I am blessed to have great insurance. I don't know about places to tell you to look, but a local GI might be able to point you in the right direction. You cannot let this go on without a colonoscopy, not trying to scare you, but the rate of colon cancer goes up with UC and I have a colonoscopy every 2yrs . You are in my thoughts, not a fun thing to deal with, but the good news is most people can deal with it with the right drugs.
    kathy_1961 replied to cook1958's response:
    the 1st time it happened to me was sooo scary, i didn't know what was goin on...but yes i know i need to get checked out but what do u do....i just hope i can find a place that can help there is something to take to make it better? the hospital told me there was nothing..that really concerned me, here was something that i was just goin to have to deal with..glad that there is something out there to help...but the scariest thing was when my legs went numb and my hands drawing up..i thought i was fixin to die...but thank you soooo much for lettin me know that there is something to take to make this chill....

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