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    Confused Frustrated Disillusioned "sick of it"
    Isarae posted:

    I have had nothing but horrible experiencing with doctors and GI specialists. One tells me to take this and eat this and the other tells me this is wrong take this and eat this, then the other gives me hell for doing what that one says and then I am looked at like I am making it all up. I have crohns, IBS and GERD. I suffer constantly with one or the other. This makes it difficult to eat and treat. I am sick of being tossed around and made to feel like I am "pretending, over exaggerating, stupid, small and not cooperating". Where is the compassion, and why don't they listen? I know my body better than anyone! I have lost faith and trust in all of them. I am sick of intrusive almost abusive examinations. The last words of the NEW female GI I just saw "well I don't know if I will take your case and if we can't find a solution you will have to suck it up and live with it". Also....she made the error of saying "oh you don't have cronhs"...argued with me...causing me great distress...and then agreed she read the letter wrong. No apology, no warmth...just one big cold power trip. I am feeling pretty depressed over this treatment and hopelessness...bad enough I have these diagnosis.
    arbob5 responded:
    I really feel bad for you. Unfortunately, this situation does happen, and probably more often than we know.

    Someone on this site once told another person who was totally frustrated with the care he or she was getting, to go to a teaching hospital if possible. One on a state campus or thereabouts. Do some investigating on your own if you have to as far as one of these teaching facilities. The students and their professors really do seem to "dig in" and don't give up easily in their attempt to diagnosis a condition, from what I understand. If anyone out there has a positive or a negative about this suggestion, please post it so we can help Isarae and try to get her on a much better diagnosis and care track.

    Keep in touch, Isarae. We do care here and want to participate in finding help for you.

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