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    Trips to ER
    mindyj1971 posted:
    When I get out of the hospital this time, one of the first things I will do when I get home is to pack a small bag with toiletries for my next middle-of-the-night ER trip. I was so weak with dehydration that I did not feel like putting anything together for myself. Of course they admitted me and I have been here for 3 days now. I do have family that can bring things to me, but I know what I like to have and I hate to have someone make an extra trip in here just to bring me a toothbrush or whatever. So, that is something that I will make sure I keep together in the hall closet from now on!
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    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Something else REALLY useful to keep in there- a printed list of medications, dosages, times, doctors names/phone numbers-etc.

    The WebMD Health Record allows you to input all that info and print out a copy. It is so handy to just be able to hand it to them rather than spell names, try to remember how many milligrams something is, etc.

    You can of course, type it all up in a document-but I rather like the health record. I keep a copy updated for my mother-so that if she needs to go to the hospital or even the doctor-we have everything on hand.

    The hospital where I lived in the past was about 6 blocks away-so it was no big deal to ask my partner to bring something. Now--further and more traffic. If I was still in bad shape-I totally would have pre-packed for myself.
    rednewbie responded:
    I always have a "toiletrie" bag pack. My tip for you each day you are at the hospital, take the little beauty essentials they give you, toothbrush, paste, baby powder, mouth wash, etc. Most hospitals have a little kit they give you daily. Some places you need to ask for it, but do so! Your insurance will pay it each day, and let me tell you being stocked at home and ready for those trips to the ER when end up being admitted at 4am. Keep lip gloss, samples of your favorite facial cleansers, lotions, basic hair care, and small bar soaps, and if you are female on your period let me tell you, you want to have your own pads and tampons with you! Trust me, there are hospitals that still use 4 inch pads. No joke! ... I also like to take a scented candle.. Not to light, but just to have near my bed. Just so that I do not always smell the hospital. Anything to feel more at home.

    Being in the hospital is awful, but making it feel as livable as possible for you is the best you can do. I always take my own TP and my own tucks wipes if I know I am staying for a long visit. Most hospitals have 1 ply tp and my poor bum can't take it! Leaving reading material in the bathroom, if you share a bathroom makes you popular with your roomie!
    livingwellhope replied to rednewbie's response:

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