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    Have you changed since high school?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    We, unfortunately, hear too often about high school bullying. And sometimes it goes so far that the kids who have been bullied snap. But what happens when high school is over?

    I just read a story about a guy who threatened his former classmates via Facebook as they planned their 20-year high school reunion. 38-year-old Jason Carroll Moss says he was bullied throughout high school, and made the threat because he wanted to deter the bullies from harrassing him at the reunion.

    Do you think that the folks you went to high school are the same as they were then or have changed as they have grown in life?

    Have you changed? How?

    Share your thoughts.
    SoCalSuz responded:
    I went to my 20 year class reunion a few summers ago.

    Personally, I'm much, much happier than I was in high school and I found that many of my friends were too.

    Once you get out of high school and realize that there is more to life than cliques and boyfriends, your world opens up!

    I feel very sad for the man who was bullied - I wish his school could have addressed the bully problem or that his parentsgot him the help he needed to move beyond what happened in high school.

    rohvannyn responded:
    I should HOPE I've changed! Well, my low tolerance for bullying hasn't changed. But I am more willing and able to stand up against it.

    I have grown in knowledge of course, and I think more about my actions. I also have learned discernment and swallow fewer lies. I put up with less from people but I am generally more understanding. I also have a lot more patience than I used to.

    I hope that some of my classmates have changed, but judging by their voting record they may not have changed as much as they could have... I know that some never outgrow bullying and that's too bad. To change, you must be willing to learn and grow.
    Jeune1 responded:
    Thank God I've changed since high school. What a miserable uptight judgmental little twit I was. If I had a time machine I'd be tempted to go back in time and tell younger me to loosen up. (Also, stop dating losers.)

    I can also say I was bullied a lot in school and it would never, ever, occur to me to threaten my former classmates. I assumed they've changed as well, and if they haven't, I'd just avoid them.

    It is rather sad and it looks like the gentleman has some health issues.
    butterflygarden responded:
    This is harder that it first seems to answer!

    I think that my personality is essentially the same as it always has been. BUT, I have definitely changed when it comes to how I see the world.

    I was quiet and shy in high school. I never stepped out of my comfort zone. When I got to college I think I finally gained the self confidence I needed to take some chances and put myself out there. I made lots of friends and got involved in everything I could.

    I feel like most of my friends did change and grow as well after high school, but I also guess there are probably a few who didn't. Some people seem to have a hard time letting go of those years, maybe because nothing after that seemed to compare? Don't know.

    I haven't been back to a high school reunion, so I guess I'll remain curious about it.

    macbugs responded:
    Joined weight watchers after college and lost 65 pounds have never gained all back. Because I joined weight watchers I learned how to eat and even though I'm not always there I have never forgot everything I learned.
    RicRatCat responded:
    I've changed. I was always tolerant but susceptible to bullying. I have far more self-confidence now than ever before and even more backbone- I do not put up with bullies, regardless of the who's the target.
    bob249 responded:
    I will find out on August 11, 2012 ...

    at my 45 year high school reunion

    Will probably be amazing to see that others look older

    while I look exactly the same .................... LOL

    Except for gaining about 75 pounds

    But, I was a slim 6' 0" guy at 160 pounds during graduation.

    I neither bullied nor was bullied.

    These days violence is out of place. Starting anything physical carries the chance of legally having your assets reduced ... significantly.

    Movies and games that glorify fighting are an unfortunate stimulus for people (mostly younger guys) to act out in real life.

    That said, if I had a young son I would encourage him to take a martial arts course (judo, karate, etc). One that stresses defense, discipline and not starting fights but being prepared to end them, if required.

    Also, many schools are cutting back on sports and physical education. I think that is a mistake. I've observed that boys who've participated are more outgoing and better team players. Those ARE useful skills in life.
    chocolatecity77071 responded:
    I recently went to my ten year class reunion. I was told that i look the same. I didnt socialize with many people but those that knew me then and now all said i was always mature and well rounded. So, i really dont know how to answer that question. I think I'm the same, but def. different in many ways!

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