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    Health Care Worker Spreads HepC on Purpose?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    I just read this expanding story, and I am sure WebMD will cover it tomorrow as we get more information. But, I am a little blown away to think this man may have really infected patients with the Hepatitis C virus on purpose .

    Do stories like this make you worry about going to the hospital? Why or why not?
    Jeune1 responded:
    I don't think it is accurate to say he spread Hep C on purpose. He was stealing pain killers (a common problem, health care workers regularly get busted for this sort of thing).

    What bothered me about that story is the fact that after the guy was caught a bunch of people reported odd behavior on his part. I also can not believe no one ever saw him walk off with a needle and return it. If that wasn't a big red flag, I don't know what was. I have to wonder what the facilities he worked for were like if staff didn't know to say something.

    However, I write about health care issues and unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg. To my knowledge, in the recent past two medical practices have been busted for reusing things like needles and other medical devices that are supposed to be thrown away after each use. They did it to save money. Result: Lots of people with Hep. C. Then there are problems like improperly sterilized surgical equipment.

    But I'm not afraid to go to the hospital. Everyone can protect themselves (and family members) by doing research before they go to a medical practice or facility. Ask friends to suggest a doctor or outpatient facility. Find out if the doctor has ever been up before the medical board, and why. What sort of information can you find out about him or her on the internet? The same goes for a facility. Finally, there's the smell test. If you go into an office or facility, what's it like? Is the staff overworked and grumpy? When you make an appointment is the scheduler courteous? Is the doctor always running late? Is the place clean? If you feel something is "off" leave!
    GraqmmySwen replied to Jeune1's response:
    He knew what he was doing. this is a form of assaault with iintent to cause harm and/ or death. Being a retired RN I'm horrified at such behavior.It won't keep me from going to facilities to seek treatment as needed.
    When someone has such a disease they knnow what behaviors to avoid.
    oldtiff47 replied to GraqmmySwen's response:
    how true you Grands know I have sick blood and should stay away from me if I cut self(even though hcv clear for 12 years)...older ones I have told don't not touch anyones blood..

    That man knew exactly what he was doing for sure...I disgusted that it was not reported when first seen something going on.

    billm57 replied to oldtiff47's response:
    the problem is that he was using his own syringe to steal drugs - if he used a new syringe each time he couldnt contaminate the vials - he knew he had the virus and he knew his behavior could spread the disease so he did indeed intentionally infect others

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