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    Should kids attend adult movies?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    When the tragedy in Colorado took place, one of the discussions that came out of it was whether the six-year-old girl who was one of the victims should have been attending a midnight showing of such a violent movie. While I didn't think the debate was fair to the grieving parents, it did make me ponder the underlying issue.

    What do you all think: Are PG-13 movies appropriate for young children? Why or why not?

    How do you feel when you're attending an adult-themed movie in the evening and someone brings a child into the theatre?

    forgetful88 responded:
    It is hard to say. For my husband & I taking our 6yr old for a midnight movie would not have been appropriate.

    Everyone has different ideas in parenting. Now when my son was a little older say around 10 or 11 my husband would take him to watch action pack movies during the summer. I call them guy movies.

    I am sure when I would drop him & his friends off for an evening movie (PG13) they tried to get into different rated R movie. Trust me now that he is 18 he tells me all the things kids do & what he & his friends did, they just never got caught.

    But at the age of 6 NO at midnight he was home in bed....summer or not.
    goodguy82 responded:
    I feel this kind of thing should be dictated by the parents, with that being said who is left to dictate when the parents are unfit? The government? In our society children are exposed to violent and or derogatory television daily. Now who other then the loving parents is to say what is acceptable is debatable. And here is the kicker "Batman" has and is marketed to children (coloring books, shampoo, clothes, toys,ect) and at the same time marketed to adults so how do we keep the kids from wanting to see the new adult-themed movie? PG-13 in one parent's eyes maybe rated R in anothers, in a perfect world every child's parent would view before to see if they feel its appropriate. As with most things its up to the parents to know what their children are viewing.
    Useyourbrain responded:
    I know people have "different ideas" about parenting and it should be left up to the discretion of the parents but unfortunately some people are just BAD at making an appropriate "judgement call" when it come to there children.
    It REALLY bothers me when I go to a move that is PG-13 and I see little children in the theater. My first thought is that parents are really bad at discriminating what is appropriate viewing for a child of that age. I think most parents take their children to Non-age appropriate movies because THEY want to see the movie and can not afford a babysitter so they make their toddlers & small children view very inappropriate material.
    If they want to be good parents they should get a baby sitter or wait for it to go on DVD and watch it when the kids are in bed. It's rated PG-13 for a reason. I think some parents are just very selfish and don't care what they are exposing their children to.
    kirstieleah98 responded:
    I think if they understand that it is Hollywood and not real, then yeah. but as for taking young children to a midnight showing probably not. I did happen to take my now 6 year old to see New Years Eve when it was in the theater for a 9pm show and it didn't bother anyone (there were only 3 other people in the movie besides me and a friend.
    Jeune1 responded:
    1. There's a huge gap between an "Adult" or "Adult themed" movie and a PG-13 movie. Some PG-13s are positively benign. I haven't seen this one yet so, I don't know how violent it is and what the nature of the violence is. (No spoilers please!)

    2. Surely there was a way to run this piece without bringing in the Aurora shooting.
    butterflygarden responded:
    I don't think children belong in PG-13 movies or at movies after a certain time of night. And, when I say "children", I mean any kid under 13.

    Jeune has a point that not all movies seem to fit their rating, but why take the chance? We've put on DVDs of PG movies for our kids when they were younger and been a little uncomfortable with the themes. Of course, PG does mean "parental guidance."

    But, to be quite frank...movies are expensive these days and it is a special event for my husband and I to go spend the money. We want to enjoy it. And, it is hard to enjoy a movie when someone's child is screaming through the whole thing.

    Go see the movie, determine if it is appropriate for your kids and then rent it for them on DVD later if you feel they can handle it. That way, they can see the movie, wiggle around, make noise, AND tell you if it makes them feel scared or uncomfortable and you can turn it OFF at your leisure.

    Just my two cents.

    jmgg5000 responded:
    it depends i feel seeing a nude woman or man is not as bad as seeing someone shot or using drugs. i rather have them see some nudity over alot of swearing etc.
    jd1000 responded:
    depends i rather kids see movies with some nudity in it vs movies with lots of killing and swearing. to me breasts dont hurt someone guns do
    Bulley1030 responded:
    To me if it's PG-13 or higher rated then no. Especially that late at night. To me it seems like those who go to violent late night movies are putting things into their child's mind at way too early an age, and quite frankly can wait to rent and see it at home. Nudity included.. sure it seems harmless because it isn't violence but it teaches that looking at naked men/women is ok which could eventually lead to pornography addictions. My husbands dad thought that showing him movies with nudity wasn't a big deal, and now he struggles with porn and sex addiction. He has admitted this is due to viewing such movies. Which unfortunatly has taken a toll on our marriage. Just food for thought... the rating system... is there for a reason. Thanks!

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