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    If you could have an Olympic physique...?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    The 2012 Olympic Games is in full swing in London, and most of us are tuning in for our favorite sports and athletes.

    WebMD has some interesting articles, videos and quizzes about the Olympics that you might enjoy. Here are just a few:

    Go For The Gold: Olympic Fitness Tips

    Quiz: Test What You Know About The 2012 Olympics

    Doping with Muscle Building Drugs FAQ

    So, let's have some fun with the Olympics topic. Here are a few questions for the group:

    1) What is your favorite Olympic sport?

    2) Who is your favorite Olympic athlete?

    3) If you could wake up tomorrow with the physique of ANY Olympic athlete or one that is indicative of a certain sport (swimmer, triathlete, gymnast, etc.) which would you choose?

    Happy Monday!
    EleanorAnne responded:
    We were really excited to gather around the TV to watch the opening ceremonies. I thought it was interesting, but didn't feel an Olympic vibe.

    Favorite sport - Gymnastics
    Favorite athlete - Hometown fav - Ryan Lochte
    Physique - Triathlete

    butterflygarden responded:
    I am bummed to admit that I haven't watched as much of the Games as I usually do. Just too busy.

    But, here are my answers:

    1) Swimming (long-time swim mom)

    2) Ryan Lochte (Go Gators!)

    3) Triathlete

    SoCalSuz replied to butterflygarden's response:

    Love to watch men's and women's gymnastics and diving - the things the human body can do is amazing to me.

    I'm in love with Missy Franklin - she seems like such a down to earth kid.

    Can I please wake up and look like a beach volleyball Olympian?

    jmgg5000 responded:
    I think female gymnastics have the best body i mean they are tone and have to be in order to do what they do. beach volleyball as well.
    brunosbud responded:
    Two Words: "Dara" & "Torres"
    Bulley1030 responded:
    I do not know any atheletes by name, but my favorite sport is the equestrian. I love the dressage, it's so beautiful. The cross country and the stadium jumping are spectacular too. My favorite rider is the woman I believe on the Saudi team. She is the first woman to compete on the equestrian team. I find that such a wonderful milestone!
    juls825 responded:
    I'd love to have a beach volleyball body. But I'd wear a less revealing top. Even with the new rules allowing them to wear real clothing, their nips are showing. I dont think that looks nice. I guess Im just too modest!

    Both of my daughters were awesome vb athletes in middle and high school. I need Olympics to feed my addiction to watching VB! And its not too bad watching the Men's beach players!
    tbkittycat responded:
    1. Gymnastics

    2. Don't really have one

    3. Gymnast. I used to have a semi-gymnast's body (5'2" 105 lbs) but after two kids and being over 40, I no longer do. I'd just like to have my old body back.
    jmgg5000 responded:
    see beach volleyball they are not wearing bikini shorts i mean why showing there butts is what guys turn and watch it for lol.
    ratzx31 responded:
    1) fav Olympic sport: Swimming
    2) fav Olympic athlete: Dara Torres
    3) Dara Torres
    Anitaroza responded:
    I've come to love the physique of swimmers. My fave is Michael Phelps. Now if I could have the nice, slender, fit & strong body but for a lady that would just be ideal

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