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    How do you feel about PDA?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Check out this New York Times article about The Public Kiss .

    Then, tell us how you feel about public displays of affection.

    Are you a public kisser? Not really, but not bothered when others do it? Okay with some kissing/touching, but not all?

    Spill it, debate it!

    Jeune1 responded:
    I wouldn't call what's covered in this article PDA. In societies where the double-kiss is common, it is no more affectionate than a handshake.

    As for people kissing affectionately in public, meh. Provided they don't do anything that would warrant a PG-13 rating, block the sidewalk or stop in the train doors when I'm trying to exit or enter, who cares? I'd rather see people kissing than fighting.
    Chalinda responded:
    Latino persons tend to be very affective. I am a latino person, and i can tell that sometimes i feel uncomfortable because i feel that my personal space is being invaded. I prefer to shake hands. It does not bother me to see other people being affectionate and kissing, as Jeune 1 said: "I'd rather see people kissing than fighting".
    SoCalSuz responded:
    My best friend and her family are double kissers and huggers. Her mom grew up in an un-affectionate family and vowed to change that.

    It took me a while to get used to hug/double kiss but I like it!

    Teenagers (or anyone really) making out in public - NO THANKS

    Lefty2121 responded:
    Get a Room!! Some hugging and a small peck is ok but more than that please keep it behind close doors or under the sheets lol!
    rohvannyn responded:
    Whatever my personal comfort level for my own behavior might be, I am okay with anything that doesn't actually harm me. I don't really like seeing people play tonsil hockey, but on the other hand it doesn't really do me physical harm so who am I to complain? At least they are being affectionate. How about people who insist on having loud arguments in public? I'd much rather worry about that.
    cheryllynnkirkley responded:
    I think public displays of affection are sweet, as long as they stay clean. my husband often enjoy a light kiss in public. I would rather see that than someone cussing , or slapping their children in public, and unfortunately I see that more in public lately, than people expressing affection.
    DixieBrandon responded:
    I love it when my husband shows me public affection. I like it when he holds my back and my hand or kisses me. It does not bother me at all. I think it is nice as well to see how some people are so cute together and how much they love eachother. OMG... Especially old people.. That is PRECIOUS!!!
    AMWPACE responded:
    there is really two sides to this story. and i am sure we have all been guilty of this pda act at one time or another.
    it is something we all see and immediatly say, "eww grose get a room." but it is a different story when you are the one actually in the sittuation and your about to leave the one you love and want loads of kisses and your not even thinking about the people who are around you who may be watching.
    AMWPACE responded:
    also do believe pda should be limited to hugging and kissing
    BowenRick responded:

    Public Displays of Affection, I feel, should be encouraged. This is not the dark ages when we all had to hide our emotions, affection and enjoy sexual relations be hide closed doors.

    I see no harm in a couple hugging and kissing in public. By this, I do not mean a twenty minute make-out session, but instead showing your desires in less than a minute. Sex on the other hand is a private and intimate interaction between two individuals, not for public display.

    Funny how some people find it sweet when a ninety year old couple kiss in public, while others find it offensive when a twenty something couple do the same. We all have our opinions and standards, not one of which is right or wrong, just ours alone. That's what makes us so unique and similar all at the same time. We need to be more accepting of each other, our views and our lifestyles.

    I think we should never be ashamed, or feel guilty when displaying our emotions or affections. Let the world know you care or love the one you're with. Hug them, kiss them, or both!

    Life is too short to be worrying about how others perseive us or accept us.
    jd1000 responded:
    my wife and i hold hands in the park and we will kiss as the sun is setting kinda thing i feel that is ok. i rather kiss and cuddle then see someone fight in public
    bpcookie responded:
    Now that Im an adult I think that the public making out scene is kinda sleazy looking. Some kissing, hand holding, arms around each other is GREAT.

    I have to admit that when I was younger, making out in public wasnt a big deal to me but Im sure that it looked pretty bad to others.

    Me and hubby will hold hands and give a nice little kiss to each other, but thats pretty much it. Although, in the grocery stores I will sometimes act like my hubby pinched my butt. I will turn around and say OWE, just to embarrass him.

    So thats what I think about it.
    chocolatecity77071 responded:
    I think there is nothing wrong with public affection, for anyone. Why does it matter to anyone else anyway? Whats wrong with a simple kiss to show affection? Now if they are going at it as if they are in the bedroom, id think it would be a bit inappropriate. But regardless its still not my business
    bpcookie replied to jd1000's response:
    aaaawwwww JD1000, that is sssooo romantic. Kissing as the sun is setting. Sounds like a movie.

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