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    Facedeals: Social Media Big Brother?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    With the new "Facedeals" app , a camera uses facial recognition to offer you deals & discounts. The app supposedly uses your Facebook photos to identify you.

    Of course, if you don't download the app and use it you shouldn't have to worry. But...

    So, what do you think. Is technology heading too much in the direction of "big brother" watching you? Would you ever use this app for discounts? Why or why not?

    Specifically, would you want it to track you in places like pharmacies?

    rohvannyn responded:
    Why would I want more tracking? There is already too much surveillance. It's invasive and completely unneccessary. Why not just load coupons onto your phone, or carry a paper coupon. If you really want to be tracked, you can still use those discount cards they give out at most stores.

    My question is not what downside there is to this practice, but what possible BENEFIT could there possibly be?
    Jeune1 responded:
    I agree with the tech expert who points out the potential security issues (hackers, thieves &c). But the app doesn't even exist yet and likely never will.

    "According to the folks of Redpepper, the advertising agency behind the whole setup, they're still "finalizing testing and seeking funding for Facedeals." No word as to how the agency would deal with the wrath of Facebook, which might not be all that happy about the Facedeals name or logo."

    Sounds like someone wasted a big wad of cash.
    Lizardoli12 responded:
    NO, I cannot remember peoples names after 15 minutes!
    wpooh27 responded:
    No i would not use the app because there is already to much the government is involded in our personal lives. I think using this app would just be something else the government can control us and i am not for that. Instead of trying to come up with new ways to control us with different things they need to try figuring out how to lower the prices of food, and lowering the price of gas. Also, get insurance for people who cant afford it. That needs it to go to a doctor. There is a lot of people out there that needs to go to doctors and cant because they cant afford the doctor visit or insurance either one. That goes the same for grocery shopping, even when people use coupons or discounts they still cant walk out of the store without spending 50 dollars and alot of people have to go hungry alot of times because they dont have the money to go spend on food. And they dont qualify for food stamps. So what are we to do in this situation.
    butterflygarden responded:
    Nope, this is not an app I'd be comfortable with. I signed up for FourSquare, and I am still hesitant to really use it.


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