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    Election Trash Talk
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    As the election gets down to the wire it seems the trash-talking and mudslinging is getting heavier.

    What do you think about use of those tactics in political campaigns? Do they influence your decisions? How?
    lissmeanstrouble responded:
    I thought I wrote a whole paragraph and submitted it....
    lissmeanstrouble replied to lissmeanstrouble's response:
    Ill retry.

    The trash talking in the election reminds me of a movie called Idiocracy.

    If youve never seen this movie, you might want to check it out, its kind of a slap-stick stupid comedy, but its fairly entertaining, it had Luke Wilson in it, and the girl from saturday night live.
    Luke plays a man from our time who travels to the future.
    In the future the president is a professional wrestler who stands on the podium and cusses, enters to loud metal music, everyone in the crowd is cheering and drinking beer, they had decided to water the nations crops with Gatorade to make money off of the company for supporting their product. Well all the nations crops died because they need water, not Gatorade. And dust storms were plaguing the people, because no one could water the lawns and make things grow.

    Lukes character turned out to be the smartest man left alive. Simply because he had common sense.

    Todays elections follow the theorized trend of intellectual decline that this movie was based on.

    Most folks are out there commenting things like, "I like Obama cause hes black" "I dont like Mitt because his name is Mitt."
    Those are things that have nothing to do with politics, and thats what politics are coming to. arguments over nothing important, to blow smoke up everyones behinds.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:
    I cant stand any of it, it makes me feel like im in 6th grade again. That the only way to win over the girl is to dog your competition. Both candidates can come up with 1,000's of reasons why "we" shouldnt vote for the other guy...but hardly any of their ad's tells me why i should vote for them! They will find some way to slam the other candidate and I am not just referring to the national elections, but local and state candidates do it as well. Sadly, many of these ad campaigns are paid for by Super PAC's and thrid parties and all we hear is my name is ??? and i approve this message. We have the supreme court to thank for that ruling.

    Has it influenced my decision? ABSOLUTELY, so much to the point that i know i wont have to worry about voting. Yes, i have no intention of casting a vote, why you ask? Because i dont trust either candidate and im not going to base my choice on who i trust less. So my choice is to abstain, until there is a candidate who stands up for the consitution and what this country was founded on. I guess i could write in Ron Paul.
    worn1 responded:
    have no interest in trash talk. all i want are their plans for the current problems. when asked a question i want a honest answer such as why did we throw 4 americans under the bus?
    Jo H
    dfromspencer responded:
    I think the lunacy should stop? What is the real political gain from trashing your opponent? That tactic proves you are no better than the other. Why can't they just state their views on the issues, and let us decide? That is how its supposed to work, right?

    No way! There is no way that tactic would influence my decision! I try to see through the B.S., and choose the candidate best suited for the job, by the responses he gives. If any. Then i pick the one i feel will hurt us the least.

    President Obama was given a stacked against him deck, the moment he was elected. And this congress has commited treason against us, and this country, because of it! He has done many great things, despite this congress, but he has more to do. I hope he gets re-elected!

    Mitt Romney, has proven time and time again, that he will lie to you, and tell you whatever it is he thinks you want to hear. The Koch brother's, and Karl Rove have bought Romney, and will play him like a puppet, if we have the misfortune of having him elected.

    This election has come down to the lesser of two evils. Obama is the lesser evil. He will have my vote.
    Anon_139012 replied to dfromspencer's response:

    You my friend are so misinformed.

    President Obama had both houses of congress when he came to office ( democratic controlled ) PROMISED to cut the defecit in half during his first term. It has exploded. The national debt is over 16 TRILLION. ( do you know how much a trillon is ? ) 47 million using food stamps, 23 million seeking Full time work. Robbing medicare of 147 billion to help pay for the healthcare act he passed with his allies in congress.
    If you have children you should be concerned for their future as these debts do and will need to be paid back.
    You speak of treason...huh ?
    Margret Thatcher once said " the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money "
    We are reaching a tipping point in this country where those that work hard will end up pulling the wagon for those that want a Free ride.
    I hope your not one of those riding DfromSpencer ?

    Mitt Romney is he perfect , no, however he knows how to get things done and had to work with democratic majorities while governor of Mass., ran businesses, saved the winter Olympics and has strong moral character.
    To me the choice couldn't be more clear.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to Anon_139012's response:
    First off how many presidents promised to cut the defecit and increased it? Not to mention he inherited a war that racks up billions of dollars a week. He came up with an exit strategy to get our guys out of there...who knows if that will hold true. We all know that the economy is in a tough spot right now, yes there are a bunch of people on welfare programs, but the current president didnt do anything to expand the parameters for social aid or for unemployment. An no offfense but we have been saying for years, we need to be concerned about our youth and paying back these debts. As far as socialism, when you are over 65, will you draw on social security(if it still exists)? Will you be on medicare? Most likely you will, so you'd be a socialist as well, those were federal programs developed long before the incumbent took office. He didnt create social security, medicare or medicaid for that matter. Has he allowed the government to get more involved in our lives, yes he has. But clearly something is broken in this country and if it takes some intervention from the government to get things back on track im ok with that. Are they bothering with useless topics, in some areas yes. The problem is, will they ever get out of our lives(i.e. the patriot act), so its a catch 22. Oh and the free ride thing...that has been going on for a long time, definately longer than 4 years. So again, he might not be doing anything to stop it currently, but look at the past, who has?

    As for Mitt, he probably wont even win his own state in the election, what does that say for his character? Oh and he implemented a very similar health care plan in Ma. if you dont have insurance you have to pay a fine. He ran businesses, he ran some into the ground so he could buy them and sell them off for a huge profit. Clearly he is looking out for hard working Americans. He did save the winter olympics, but when interviewed during the most recent olympics he basically slapped are biggest ally in the face. Not to mention the guy has flipped and flopped this entire campaign, there is a reason he is so successful in business, he knows how to read people and tell them what they want to hear. Just like any good politician. He hasnt laid out a single plan in terms of what he wants to do if he gets elected. As for moral character, because he has a strong religious belief that means he has morals? This man shut down American jobs and shipped them overseas. But yet he has this mysterious plan to create millions of jobs. Oh and another issue I have with his character, is how many palms did he have to grease to get a lot of these business ventures to fly? How many promises did he make to business partners/clilents? What will he do to come thru on those promises? Granted that part was pure speculation, but I am pretty sure that he took or gave a hand out at some point.

    As I said before I dont trust either of these guys and I wont vote for the lessers of two evils, cause in the end we are still gonna be screwed.
    yukaliptus responded:
    I am tired of it and i am happy the election is almost over. just found out i wont be able to vote this election because i registered to late but its ok just hope the best man wins i kno God is good and he will prevail in the end.
    MandyCake responded:
    All of it is a circus. It is predetermined who will be President and corrupt corporate Amercia helps this into being. Our votes do not really count as we passed a point of having allowed Government full control. 1984 by George Orwell is happening now. The money being wasted could be used on those less fortunate. Money equals Power and the Government will not share. I believe in the Illuminati and that they are becoming successful in their quest for One World Order... It could be diverted if people would just wake up and revolt.
    angelwings78 responded:
    look at my life now and how it was 4 years ago, and there isnt much somebody else do the Math.......
    lissmeanstrouble replied to angelwings78's response:
    Lets ask ourselves, what we want out of a president, who should the president strive to be?

    In my opinion he should be a man for the Americans.

    One example best illustrates who wants to be a man for the Americans.

    One candidate believes FEMA is unecessary, one candidate feels it is.

    During Hurricane Katrina, George Bush was on vacation, and genuinely slacked off yet again, when his country was in crisis. Not only was he at a loss when the predicted terrorist attack struck us on 9/11, but he let people die waiting for rescue on bridges etc in New Orleans.

    Im actually quite happy with the way things are being handled in regards to superstorm Sandy, evacuating folks, and sending trained rescue folks in, is what should happen. If it were up to Mitt, those people would be just as bad off as the folks who were hit during Katrina.

    There has been alot of catastrophe, and a man who does his best to make things "RIGHT" for Americans, is who I want to be our president. Not someone who is doing it for the money and the power and the fame, and the limousines, and whatever....
    lissmeanstrouble replied to lissmeanstrouble's response:
    My point is that these problems being pinned on Obama were problems long before he was in office.

    Thinking back to when Clinton was in office, we had zero debt, and the worst thing he did was get a head job.

    I remember when my older brother turned 16 ( during clinton admin) he was able to go find jobs all over town like it was nothing, if he didnt LIKE his job he would quit and find a new one, in a snap. When I turned 16, 6 years later, I had to walk all over town applying for jobs for over a month before I was finally interviewed and hired. Then I was so grateful to finally have one I stayed there even though they FAILED to get me my checks on time. Then when I was finally fed up, I quit and it took me about 6 months before I was able to find a new job.

    Now its about ten years later, things are not better, but they are not the WORST. George Bush was a TERRIBLE choice, and I havent been alive more then 24 years to really have experienced alot of history, cept you can see where I get the idea that democrats are better at handling money then republicans.... as soon as republicans took office everything hasnt been as good as it once was.
    Isadorabelle responded:
    I'm so sick of it! Trash talking just shows a level of immaturity I usually attribute to local drunks stumbling out behind a pub so that they can measure their....feet.

    It's so juvenile! All I want to hear from candidates is the truth about their own policies and their own plans for their future. I'm not interested in finger pointing. I'll do that all on my own when I double-check the facts to see if I'm being lied to.
    Femfatal responded:
    I research the candidates voting history, all of it. I don't listen to the trash talk, their promisses or predictions. Actions speak louder than words and if they haven't been speaking up for my family then they don't get my vote. But I'd like to be clear on one point, I normally don't hold a President accountable for whatever promisses he wasn't able to fullfill. I've watched the dance in DC long enough to know that if the "good old boys" of the Senate or the Congress want to make a President look like a fool and tie their hands behind their backs, their quite capable of doing so. So it's the Senate & the Congress that catch my wrath on election day!

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