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    Things I hate most about going to the doctor...
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    It's a new year, and my work provides me sessions with a health coach. (Yep, I am lucky!)

    The only downside is that part of my health coach's job is to steer me towards the right preventative care. So, time to schedule a bunch of doctor's appointments to get me on track.

    I know it's best, but I HATE going to the doctor. How about you?

    So, let's vent. Finish this sentence:

    What I hate most about going to the doctor is _________________.

    Can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

    CathyMontgomery1 responded:
    No question - getting on that scale! I'll undergo 20 pap smears more readily than getting weighed. Why do we need to be weighed anyway? They can see how big we are. Do we really need the extra humiliation?
    bobby75703 responded:
    ....feeling like I just walked onto a used car lot.

    Of course it depends on the doctor. I've had different experiences, both good and bad. But what I hate most is the upsell.

    By upsell I mean Physicians upselling me on tests and medications for conditions or complaints I don't have. Makes me feel like I'm on on a used car lot on the bad side of town.

    But I do get a laugh out of it cause it reminds me of the Kurt Russel movie "Used Cars".
    bltaz74 responded:
    Getting weighed also. Ugh Hate looking at those numbers. lol
    bltaz74 replied to CathyMontgomery1's response:
    I feel you there. lol
    kashinae responded:
    the long wait before you actually see the doctor .
    mam546 replied to kashinae's response:
    I agree with you, the long wait in the waiting room and then additionally in the exam room.
    Marky46975 replied to mam546's response:
    I agree with the couple of posts above. The hardest thing for me to do is sit still and wait. Then your stuck in a little room (with no windows) for more waiting.. All this time I can feel my anxiety building,,, then they wonder why my blood pressure is elevated...
    Estauffer12 responded:
    Hearing my weight!! I feel like when they tell me they are shouting it across the doctor's office. Im not over weight for my height or age but Its just a personal thing that you don't want everyone to know!
    yanksgirl responded:
    Feeling like he's rushed and doesn't really want to hear all I need to tell him.
    laura2gemini2 responded:
    The MA's who ask stupid questions and act like I'm wasting their time.

    When I go to the doctor I have to have my insulin pump downloaded, as well as one of my meters, and every time they act like I'm asking them to remove a limb. Or the question "have you been trying to lose weight?" DUH!
    bp_roller responded:
    ...the bill.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD replied to CathyMontgomery1's response:
    Refuse the weight, Cathy.....I do it all of the time. Makes them mad, but remember you are paying them for the visit!
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Speaking from the doctor's point of view, I hate rudeness. I always try to be nice....I try to be prompt in getting to their rooms but you never know how long the previous visit is going to take.

    I don't like people talking on cell phones, texting, etc. while I am seeing them or their children. I do appreciate undivided attention.

    I am very sensitive to costs, but unfortunately, I do not set the fees. I work on salary, not a commission. I am not shy about "undercoding' (charging less) for a person in need.

    Atlhough not a fan of being weighed either, we do need that information to make sure weight gain isn't progresssive, or that there is not any unintended weight loss! For children, we need their weights to adjust medication dosages, and of course, to track their growth and development. For adults, just refuse and hold your ground!
    smithc27 responded:
    A few have said this already, but

    ... waiting for such a long time, and then getting to speak with my doctor for only 10-15 minutes.

    I feel like they require us to check in for appointments 10 minutes early, only to have to wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes, and then an additional 15-20 in the exam room. I started taking my NOOK eReader with me, so I have something to do while I'm waiting in the exam room

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