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    8-Yr-Old Dies of Cancer, Parents Jailed: Justified?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Recently, parents of an 8-year-old boy who died of untreated Hodgkin's Lymphoma were jailed because they neglected to get their son medical attention. Hodgkin's Lymphoma or Hodgkin's Disease can be cured if caught in time and treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

    In the story, the parents were said to have claimed they didn't have the money to treat their son. And, his aunt also knew what was going on and says she begged her sister to take him to the doctor.

    Read the story and share your thoughts.

    Should these parents have gotten jail time?

    If you don't agree, then what SHOULD have been done?
    butterflygarden responded:
    Wow! I read this story last week and was wishing I had some way to comment on it.

    Yes, I think it was justified. There are ways to get your child medical attention without spending a dime, but I'd sell my soul if I knew my child had cancer and needed treatment to live. Those parents deserve more than 8 years in my opinion. Not only did their child die, he SUFFERED right in front of them.

    And, I have something to say about his aunt as well. She should be right there with them. If my nephew was begging me to help him and telling me he was in pain, I'd remove him from the home and get the help FOR him, even if that meant taking my loser sibling to court and having her children removed from her custody. This woman knew her sister was a loser, and she just let it happen.

    Argh. That one definitely got my back up.

    Anon_5366 replied to butterflygarden's response:
    I agree with your post.
    ddnos responded:
    I heard this story and there's NO doubt in my mind that those parents were neglegent and it was their responsibility to take care of their child. The fact that they had no money was NOT an excuse! If you don't have money but have a sick child, then you ASK for help! You don't sit and do nothing, and then ultimately watch your child die horrific death! Jail is not enough punishment for those parents!

    teddybear200 responded:
    Stories like that make me sick - the parents should go to jail for longer than 8 yrs for what they did.

    I am waiting for another horrible situation be brought to justice in my own state. A 15 yr girl was wondering in her pj's and no socks or shoes - she escaped from her home weighing only 70 lbs. Her step mom locked her in the basement with no food, water or even a bathroom to use for years. She was abused physically and mentally. A neighbor saw the girl and took her to the hospital and the police then were called and when to the parents home. Step mom weighs 370 lbs and dad 270. And the 15 yr old only 70. They should get life, her own brother abused her - he should be charged as well.

    What is this world coming too? Why have children if your not going to take care of them.
    Kmilla responded:
    This just makes me sick. I work in the healthcare industry and I known for a fact that had they just brought the poor child to a hospital when they first noticed the swollen lymph nodes in his neck, he would not have been turned away! He was a child who needed medical attention, SERIOUS medical attention as it turned out and they simply ignored it because they didn't have a hundred and something dollars. Absolutely disgusting. These people do not deserve children. I would have paid the money for them and I didn't even know them. A poor defenseless child is dead and all they get is 8 years? So it's certainly not justice, but it definitly IS justified.
    4666270 responded:
    the parents should have done everything possible to help their son live.
    brunosbud responded:
    "What goes around, comes around." They're get their's...

    Either this life or the next...
    katmandulou responded:
    Read the story - they claimed they didn't have the means to get medical care for their child, but regularly did drugs and paid $87 to have their pit bull treated for fleas.

    They were justifiably jailed. What terrible things he must have gone through! Every hospital has a non-turnaway policy, and they will treat you no matter how much money you have.

    They do a background check on you to adopt a dog, but anyone who can have a child is allowed to keep him/her. Very sad...
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    The parents made a fatal mistake by not promptly treating their son....a decision that will haunt them the rest of their lives. Whether they get jail time for their failure to protect their child will be up to a judge, but they will indeed, endure a living jail.

    When it comes to the lives of our children or loved ones, get treatment FIRST and worry about the bills later. When people cannot afford medical care of this nature, the state and federal government will take care of those costs. Not having money is not a good excuse for allowing a child to die.
    mwhite80 responded:
    Most states have a childrens health insurance program where you can pay little to no cost for health insurance for your child. If they were told to follow up treatment with their child then they should hae done it. They should have borrowed money for family friends or anyone if their son needed care. T hey should give up their children if they are unfit to care for them.
    An_240414 responded:
    They should for sure go to jail. What kind of parents would not do anything and everything to get their child help. Why wouldnt they at least try? Have they not heard of payment plans, fundraisers, donations, etc?????
    Anon_34374 responded:
    I am going to go against the grain here and say they SHOULD NOT get jail time.

    ...wait for it...

    This is the type of crime the death penalty is made for.
    Anon_655 responded:
    Oh dear me I am gonna go against the flow here
    those parents were druggies they were looking at the child thru drugged eyes. and didn;t see what was going on ..I don;t think jail is nessesary they need treatment them selves for drug problems . as for the pit bull that was a family member not the parents . if that Auntie knew she should have done something unless she was also a druggie..
    this is what happens when we won;t alow abortions and people scream to drop welfare for the fallen what do we expect
    when most of the safety nets were taken away .
    if no hospital would turn him away then why did they need money up front before they even looked at him ...
    I remember when My Mom was haveing gallbladder attack and the doctors wouldn;t treat her till my father produced a health insurance card .. these things are happening ...all the time.
    janeedge replied to Anon_655's response:
    It is true that "druggies" are usually looking for the next fix. That does not totally blind them. They got treatment for their dog. That shows awareness of others around them (at least the dog), and it shows severely poor judgement. They knew what they were doing. The flea treatment was likely for their own comfort, not to help the dog. Seeing their child in pain and dying did not bother them. That's not about drug abuse as much as it is about being a socipath, and having no guilt feelings. Jail is too good for them in my opinion.

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