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    Breastfeeding in Public: Beautiful or Rude?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    This has always been a somewhat touchy topic with strong opinions on both sides, and it has come back to the forefront with the story of a Georgia mom tossed out of church for breastfeeding her baby . She says, "her pastor compared her breastfeeding to a stripper performing."

    And yet, celebrity songstress Beyonce' Knowles was applauded in the press when she was seen breastfeeding newborn Blue Ivy in a restaurant .

    So, what's your opinion? Are you for or against breastfeeding in public?

    (Remember: Argue the opinion, not the person!)
    tothebeach4 responded:
    I am absolutely FOR breastfeeding - ANYtime - ANYwhere. I really fail to see why this is even an issue. I wouldn't necessarily say that I think it's "beautiful" to see a woman breastfeeding, but rather see it as something very natural and not a big deal. When we have babies, we produce milk... there is a reason for this. There's no hidden agenda; I don't breastfeed to prove a point or piss of the "no breastfeeding in public" folks. I breastfeed my baby because when he is hungry, it's the most natural and logical thing to do. That is all.
    tothebeach4 replied to tothebeach4's response:
    Not to mention, it's pretty darn convenient
    queston responded:
    That pastor is nuts--the mom is using her breasts for what God/Nature (you pick) intended them for. What could possibly be more wholesome than a mother feeding her baby?

    If I had been worshipping at that church, I would probably never go back, as long as that pastor were there.

    My wife was never too shy about breast feeding. (That's not to say that she just took her shirt off or anything, but she didn't banish herself to another room or anything.)

    Her brothers were all extremely shocked by this behavior--of course, their very repressed wives all chose not to nurse their babies at all: I guess they thought it was "icky" or something.
    Bulley1030 responded:
    it is a natural beautiful gift mothers have to give to their children. I think if it is done modestly (with a covering blanket or nursing apron) there is nothing wrong with it.
    JenPBDBP2 responded:
    I don't think it's either beautiful or rude, it's just feeding a kid. I think my view is the best because it treats it as a matter of course, not something special.

    The pastor makes me laugh. What? Does he think the Jesus character never breastfed? Was he fed manna from an angel? Goofy people.
    barb10562 responded:
    Sorry guys, I know its a beautiful thing and Im all for it. IN PRIVATE. Its a normal function but so is peeing and pooping but we would be arrested if we did those things in public.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Absolutely! Women have the right to feed their baby anywhere...anytime. Sure, they may need to be a bit more discrete at times, out of a lttle respect for those that do not share this view, but babies gotta eat and Moms gotta feed 'em.

    Flaunting this right by not being respectfully private, just to make a point, is not appropriate. Breast feeding is natural, but it should not be used as a political statement.
    tdawntaylor responded:
    I agree with Barb. I fully plan on breastfeeding my kids, but just because something is completely natural (like using the bathroom) doesn't mean it is something that should be done in public.
    AmyLynnCampbell responded:
    I breastfed my son for 14 months and plan on breastfeeding baby boy #2 when he arrives in less than 2 weeks also. I think it's a perfectly natural thing, but I'm more discreet cause I'm shy. I have no problems with anyone breastfeeding wherever they'd like with a cover. I breastfed in my Church with a cover a few times and have seen many other women do it also with a cover. That way no one has to see anything anyway. Church seems like a place where breastfeeding should be supported. Conversations like these always upset me though cause people get heated and I think we should all support each other as mother's and each family does what's best for their family. For our family breastfeeding feesl like the healthiest option for our babies and the most economical. But, I don't judge others who have to or chose to formula feed either.
    JenPBDBP2 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
    "Breast feeding is natural, but it should not be used as a political statement."

    When does it stop being about feeding a child and turn into a political statement?
    mwhite80 responded:
    When I breastfeed my children in public I always used a nursing cover. I believe in being able to nurse where ever you want as long as you are being modest. I didnt have too many problems, some people gave me strange looks when they realized what I was doing but no one ever said anything.
    fiannakyn replied to AmyLynnCampbell's response:
    I can't read the article at this computer (work) so I can't see what kind of church it was. I was raised in a Southren Babtist church that actually required ALL babies to be fed in a seperate room that was also the nursery, with a 1way window and speaker so the mothers (or fathers/nursery workers) could still hear and see the sermon. It didn't matter if the baby was bottle or breast, it was bad taste to eat in the pews.

    On the idea of feeding anywhere, it is like any other thing- be tastefull and or concederate of others around you. I heard of a story where a lady plopped down in the middle of the clothing racks to feed her child and got all upset when someone asked her to move so they could get to the clothes she was blocking. If she had gone over to the waiting area by the fitting room and sat down there, not a problem. the other customer would have still asked her to move if there was a bottle involved.

    In resturants and such- not a problem either. Just don't whip that puppy out for everyone to see. Cover, or sit where you're facing away from others, etc. I say if you feel comfortable eating a snack yourself, it's appropreate for you to feed your child in the same place. (like church- would you feel right eating a snickers in the middle of the sermon? if so- then go for it, but if not, I'm sure they have a nursery or something.)

    I had no choice but to bottle feed my son. 1) I had surgery as a teen that probably did a lot of damage to the ducts, and 2) he's adopted. I was blessed with a birth mother that felt comfortable enough to pump for the first 6 weeks though.

    I applaude my friends who breastfed, and encuraged all of them to at least try. I also reminded those who couldn't that it's not a failure. I was formula fed and I am healthier than my breast fed older sister (she's the one with asthma and horrid allergies, I don't)
    RicRatCat responded:
    Americans are such prudes! We tend to be offended by the most inane things. Perversion, not just beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. If you look at a woman breast feeding her child and find it sexually obscene, then maybe you should re-evaluate your morals.

    If I happen to find flowers sexually appealing, does that mean no one should have gardens? No. It means that I should look into therapy to find from where this fetish of nature arises.
    brendakat responded:
    I think that breastfeeding should be encouraged, for all the reasons that it is best for the baby and mom. If someone in the church was offended that should not become the opinion of the whole congregation.

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