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    Are You Careful What You Say Online?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    We live in a world where information is almost instantaneous. Post a video on YouTube, a photo on your blog or a hot tweet on Twitter and it could go viral before you know it.

    That's what happened to blogger Sarah Manley when she posted about her son wanting to dress as a girl character for Halloween. In a recent blog post, she warns folks to think about what they put out there.

    Are you careful about what you say in online spaces? Do you know others who aren't?

    Has something you posted online ever had an effect on your life?
    brunosbud responded:
    No, I'm old school. "Don't tell me what I want to hear; tell me what I need to know."

    New school is "Please, treat me like a mushroom...Feed me a bunch of $#!% and keep me in the dark...I have feelings, OK?"

    Homey don't play that...
    jenlewi responded:
    I'm as careful as I can be about anything that identifies me. There are local websites I use that I know some of the folks who post and they know me, but nothing I say on the site isn't something I'd say in person. In fact, I usually say it in person first, unless it's just a rant. My favorite rant is cell phones. I had to laugh when I got called on my insistance that morons shouldn't own smart phones with "Do you REALLY want to create a spike in unemployment by not letting them sell 99% of the smart phones out there?"
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    I try to be careful. I try not to put anything out there that can identify my exact location. I'm careful not to put that I'm going on vacation and for how long just in case somone sees that and decides to find where I live and rob my house. I definitely don't post naked or compromising pics of me or anyone I know. I don't post pics of my kids naked no matter how cute they are.

    I've heard a good rule of thumb is to not say/post anything you wouldn't post on a public bulletin board.
    davedsel57 responded:
    Yes, I am very careful what I post, especially on a public message board like the WebMD communities.

    I refrain from including my wife's or sons' names in any of my posts. I never would think about including my last name in a post, my phone number or even my e-mail. Once you post something in a public area on the internet, it is there permanently for the world to see.

    I am an administrator on a private website and those folks know my family members names, and more intimate details. I still am very careful what I post there.

    If anyone ever searches via Yahoo or Google for their screen names, they may be surprised what is found.

    Now, as far as how I reply to posts - I try to be encouraging and supportive. I will admit that I have had a few posts deleted for inappropriate content in my long history as a WebMD Communities member. Sometimes it is hard for me to ignore what someone is posting, even though I know I should. I keep hoping that the 'ignore' button will return and we can set it up so we will never see posts from people who upset us. Until then, I am trying to be as gracious as possible and keep my posts informative and uplifting.

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