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    Dating Spreadsheet Guy: Is He Really a Cad?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Not too long ago, banker David Merkur got an embarrassing wake-up call. He had been tracking all the ladies he was dating in a spreadsheet and ranking them. When one of them asked to see the spreadsheet, he sent it to her. And, she sent it to a bunch of her friends. Then, it went viral.

    With so many people looking for Mr. or Miss Right, was David really the cad some on the Web made him out to be or just a guy utilizing a tool he was familiar with to try and analyze his love life?

    In your opinion, what was his biggest mistake?
    alfae responded:
    Hi Olivia,

    As you look at technology and how the dating scene has changed, I would have to commend David for being creative with his spread sheet. It shows that he takes his love life serous and that he wants to get it right the first time.

    I will be starting my spead sheet soon to see how the numbers dance and who will be my leading man.


    IslandL responded:
    I saw that spreadsheet and it seemed a pretty organized way for someone who is meeting and "talking to" people they meet through an online dating service to keep track of who they've been contacting and when. No different than someone making notes in a journal, a PDA, or the proverbial "little black book".

    His mistake was sharing his work with a crass and thoughtless woman he ironically described as "very prettyand sweet, I hope to see again" in said spreadsheet.
    dollbug responded:
    Some things are not meant to be shared....but at least it proved he was organized....maybe a bit too much.

    One might wonder what else he shares...

    jenlewi responded:
    He may be a brilliant banker, but he's a dating moron. Keeping a spreadsheet to track dates and determine compatability is not exactly the way to make a love connection. SHARING said spreadsheet with one of the women listed falls into the "dumbest dating moves" category. He could probably use this idea to find a housekeeper or a dog-walker, but to find his mate?
    Anon_999 responded:
    The fact that the dumb spreadsheet made the front page news was even dumber (if that is a word).

    The guy does show he has great skills in making spreadsheets but lacks in judgement. Why would anyone make up a list like that and then share it - what was he thinking? Oh that is right he wasn't, that's why he gave it out.
    katmandulou responded:
    His biggest mistake was sharing it. If that helps him remember details in his busy life, fine, but don't share it with someone you just met. In a few years he might share it with a wife, but geez....
    butterflygarden responded:
    I hate to say that I laughed when I read this story. These days when everyone shares EVERYTHING on the 'net, why in heaven's name would you send such a spreadsheet to a person who wasn't your very best friend? It's too risky. He should have known better.

    As for keeping the sheet in the first place, it seems a little arrogant, but maybe he's the type of person who has to organize things like that. If he told me he was sorting his dates that way, I'd know for certain he wasn't the one for ME. I like organization, but that seems a little over the top.

    PooperScooper22 responded:
    Misguided? Yes. Deserving of the title "Cad"?. Nay. Too many of us get caught up in work life, so much that we start to make our own rules in social networking. I get where the guy is coming from. If it makes sense to him and doesn't hurt anyone, why not. However, the mistake clearly lies in the distribution of the list to someone who's on the list.

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