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    Octomom Going Bankrupt: What do you think?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    I have been hearing more stories about the infamous Octomom lately, and read just this morning that now that she's declaring bankruptcy, shes considering a career in porn.

    I can't help but wonder whats going to happen to her 14 kids.

    Many love to hate her, but should someone step in and help for the kids' sake? What do you think?

    Would you watch a reality show about her family?

    brunosbud responded:
    "...Would you watch a reality show about her family?..."

    Will she be wearing clothes?
    fenton04 replied to brunosbud's response:
    I might consider it only if she kept her clothes on. Yikes......
    JenPBDBP2 responded:
    I don't love to hate her. I don't give her any notice whatsoever. I think she's the product of a society that loves freaks. We'll watch any freak as long as she's on TV. Just look at the number of reality shows where people behave like idiots merely for a (what really is a small amount) buck while people gawk at them and laugh at their misfortunes. I often look at these shows and think that we really havent' advanced much from bear baiting and cat burnings.

    So I personally refuse to watch any show that she is on or read any articles. This thread is the only time I've ever commented on her.
    jenlewi responded:
    I think the doctor who gave her the treatments to have her litter of children when she couldn't even afford the ones she already had should be forced to support and raise those 8 kids. I think she's disturbed and shouldn't have custody of any of her children. I have no interest in watching any show with her on it. She is all the proof anyone needs that reverse Darwinism has gone too far.
    RicRatCat responded:
    I'm an old rocker from the 80's but won't watch a reality show about Ozzy. Why would I watch a reality show about someone I couldn't care less about?
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Nope. I've never watched any shows like that (John & Kate Plue 8, The Duggars, etc) and don't plan on starting. She should have thought about whether or not she could afford 14 kids before she had them.

    I think someone should help the kids (make sure they have clothes, food, etc) but that's it.
    jaws86 responded:
    What she needs is large fishing wire wrapped around her legs. Im sorry but she is pathetic. They need to find a social worher/counselor. I may get kicked out of the group and I apologize, I plead the 1st!. She makes me so mad that she is the perfect mother, lets she how she deal with each kids personalities.
    ktdid830 responded:
    I usually choose not to follow this kind of story-especially the kind that seem like sensationalism. I ran across this post and had to say something.
    From what I have heard about this story this is the most sensationalised crap I have heard in a while (not to mention the other multikid families that have shown up on tv).
    I dont believe in couples using the media, etc to make their situation a cry for public sympathy for something we all know is what we make of ourselves. There is not some disease that causes this situation! All in the name of begging for charity.
    I understand this is a hard situation for anyone and it can be nice to have help with it. If she had thought about how she were going to deal with it or others that have gotten into this situation before THEY created this, they might have thought twice. Besides if she is declaring bankruptcy it is probably to avoid any legal issues for not paying some bills or overextending herself to care for these children.
    There are alot of generous people in this world and this commendable, but I feel that their generosity could be used for something/someone that has not deliberately caused their problem just to get help. Taking advantage of the media despit e there are others in similar states that havent used it for that.
    This is just my opinion about/from what I have heard on the media about this situation. I dont fault some that need help sometimes, but there are alot of people that need help out there. Stop thinking of only yourself and consider the consequences of your own actions - and if the story of what the fertility dr is true, shame on him for helping creating this when she already was having so much trouble taking care of so many children she already couldnt really take care of from what I had heard.
    I hate the sensationalism of those stupid reality shows and never watch them, I think there is much better entertainment out there! They are probably all staged to some degree anyway in the name of so called entertainment.
    Dont get me wrong I love children, I have cared for thousands for 20 years. They are real people not a car you own and dump or sell when it no longer does anything for you-they are yours for life- please think before you create a LIFE you arent prepared for.
    jis4judy responded:
    a persons mariltal status seems to be the only thing that differs her from other women who have multiple births . had she been married everyone would have pitched in to help . face it
    we have a predudice about unmarried moms . yes the doctor who made this happen is truly at fault . BUT these children don;t deserve to be looked at as freaks . think if it was a young couple not a single mom how things would be different .
    Just my observation
    Hugs Judy:)
    grgram responded:
    I don't care what happens to her but I care about the children. They should be taken from her and placed in homes where they will be loved and cared for. As for watching a reality show, NO, she's disgusting. The doctor who caused this to happen should lose his license and never allowed to practice medicine again. It would be fun if he were forced to work in a daycare center but that probably wouldn't be fair to the children because he, like her, is a stupid, irresponsible piece of human debris.
    brunosbud replied to jis4judy's response:
    You're absolutely right.

    The true error of this woman's act is not how it ruined her life because it has, no question. Its how she's allowed her mistake to ruin theirs.

    A caring, compassionate society wouldn't allow that to happen. It cannot happen. But, it is happening...

    I think this is the reason why people are so uneasy about this "octomom" story. Lives are being destroyed while we watch and do nothing...well, nothing other than criticize or make jokes...

    I'm ashamed about my earlier remark, btw...pathetic...
    butterflygarden responded:
    I am thoroughly SICK of reality shows, and would not watch one about this woman. I think she is a complete narcissist.

    Who has 14 children on purpose when they do not have the income to take care of them properly? Ugh.

    All that said, if there are people who will watch some of the trash that's on TV right now, I am betting there ARE some who would watch this like the train wreck it is. The network that aired it would make a bundle.

    Like some of the others here, I feel horrible for these children. How can they be getting the care and attention they need? I read somewhere that at least three of the kids are special needs. And, that neighbors reported that the house and yard were filthy. Who decides when there is neglect?

    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to jis4judy's response:
    I for one do not have a prejudice against single moms. I would watch some episodes of J & K plus 8 and at first i thought it was cute watching those kids grow up. Then John had to quit his job, because of filming the show. He was successful and probably would have made enough money to support the family. Kate had a job as a nurse, so if the both of them would have been working they would have been able to financially provide for their brood. Now "octo"mom on the other hand I truely believe she did this because of what she saw on TV. J & K getting free vacations, a new home and a big TV contract. So in her mind, this was her 15 minutes of fame opportunity and she found a Dr. insane enough to allow her to do this. The kids are not the "freaks" in this situation, they are not the ones at fault, although they will be the ones who suffer from their mothers pipe dream at fame. SHE will get none of my sympathy, i do feel horrible for those children.

    Now to the young couple situation, after watching J & K (a young couple), i realized that it seemed more like Kate's idea to keep the show going, if i am not mistaken, it is probably what ended their marriage. As i stated earlier they both had jobs and were making a decent wage to suppor their kids. Now replace them with a jobless family, who is having children just to get more tax breaks and assistance from the government. I strongly feel that they would be under as much scrutiny as "octo" mom, if not more. We are in a "look at me" type of society, with youtube and how quickly things can go viral, everyone is searching for a way to make a reality show.

    There are probably hundreds of thousands of kids in this country that are in a similar situation as "octo" mom's children. They file bankruptcy every day as a way to get out of a hole, that they themselves may not have dug. Those folks are trying to get a reality show, they arent even on the radar.

    For single mom's there are many of them out there who do what they need to do, to give their kids an opportunity. They bust their butt and work several jobs, to give their children a fighting chance. So that being said, if she wants any money, she needs to get it the way the rest of us do, earn it. Get a job or two. Don't make the tax payers carry your financial burden because you thought you were going to be rich, by having a gaggle of kids. John Q Taxpayer has enough to worry about. Oh and I'm pretty sure we all paid for the birth of those kids too. Atleast the ones of us who have Health Care
    jis4judy replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    Hi I have never really liked too many reality shows and would not watch them anyway my whole point was all the assistance married multiple births got to help them and we make things harder for those who have real problems even if they are self created . this woman is makeing worse desisions one after the other in hopes of fixing each last error. Yes it is true we have a lot of look at me type things going on . thats certainly not her fault . we as a public have fueled this look at me by looking .

    Hugs Judy:)

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