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    Do Men Make Women Fat?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Yes, another story about weight, but a different spin on it.

    In her book, Your Big Fat Boyfriend , author Jenna Bergen says that women tend to gain weight when they go into a relationship while men maintain their weight or lose.

    Check out the video to find out why.

    What do you think? Have you been in a relationship where you or your partner gained weight afterwards?
    butterflygarden responded:
    Women make women fat by eating too much or too much of the wrong things. HOWEVER, it is much easier to eat the wrong things when you're living with a man.

    My husband has always had a faster metabolism than me. So, if I try to eat like he eats, I gain weight. And I have. Lots of it.

    Do I have to put the chicken wings in my mouth? No, I do not. But I do. He's eating it, and it is tempting.

    I have found over the years that if I cook more at home this is less of a problem. I make sure he has what he likes, and I have something that is better for ME to eat. It also helps him out, because he is not going to choose to eat a veggie if he has his own way.

    brunosbud responded:
    I think tiny, designer, foo-foo dogs make women fat...They can't walk more than a block before collapsing. Fat women need real Corgi Pems. Strap a couple of those bad boys to a leash and just try to get away with walking a block.
    Jeune1 responded:
    Yes. I was about 25 lbs underweight before I moved in w/the man I eventually married. 7 years later I'm 10 lbs under my target weight. The horror!

    But does that mean that two women in a relationship will stay the same weight, while two men stay the the same or lose weight?

    This sounds like a perpetuation of the myth that women stay skinny until they snag a husband and then they get fat. I wonder if what happens is we're repeatedly told we must look like fashion models if we want anyone to love us. When we find someone who does love us, we don't worry so much about weight and relax and (gasp!) eat more.

    One thing that isn't clear from the video or the subtitle of the book: "How to stay thin when dating a diet disaster" is whether the studies show women tend to become OVERWEIGHT or merely GAIN weight. There's a huge difference. Failing to make the distinction perpetuates the body image issues countless women struggle with daily.

    Really, WebMD? Really?
    Demons2011 responded:
    The only time I can think men make women "fat" is when they are pregnant. Perhaps the question is; do women make men old?
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:
    I havent had the chance to watch the video, but in my own personal experience, I think its a matter of comfort. Being with someone who you care about and just becoming comfortable with them. In doing so, we tend to not monitor what we are eatting or how we exercise. Or overindulging on dates or getting a dessert to share when we normally wouldnt.
    youngskied responded:
    I've been in a relationship where a past partner gained weight, I call that "comfort weight." I feel that its a natural side-effect of a relationship, be it gaining weight or not taking care of yourself the way that you used to prior to the relationship because you've found your mate. When seeking a relationship people tend to keep themselves up to be at their best for a potential mate. Men do it and women do it...who has more to say about it?...well its all subjective. Fellas if your woman has gained "comfort weight" then suggest working out together and or a suggested change in diet. Make it a partnership just like everything else in a relationship. Isolation will only make her feel bad which may lead to a lack of self motivation. My woman and I workout M-F for at least an hour. Oh and have sex. Burns calories and makes you guys feel sexy.
    teana6876 replied to youngskied's response:
    definitely agree..
    klm51234 responded:
    I have heard that women gain weight when they are happy or comfortable in their relationship. I think its because they arent afraid to feel like a "pig" (so to speak) if they eat around their man. Once you have ben with someone and you know that they love you and arent going to leave you over eating habbits or weight, you tend to be less concerned on how you look. However, i dont understand why men would loose weight? maybe because they are spending time with their girl and not sitting arounf playing video games and snacking all day? lol .. just a gues
    Nasrin70 replied to youngskied's response:
    in my opinion u r actually right , coz I ve experienced it

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