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    Dont know what to do
    semed posted:
    I haven't qritten in a long time. Been very busy. Lately though I find myself trying to balanxe neds for fibro, arthritis, and depression. I've been in more pain due to all of it. Ineed to keep [ushing forward yet all I want to do is cry. How many times have all of us said 'I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.' I am and do say it often. I've been rude to family members when they say they hurt because I can't say anything withoit being pitied or treated like an eggshell they need to step around. I try not to complain. Sometimes that doesn't work. Then I feel guilty cuz I said something. I hide in the evenings so I don't drag my family down, but it doesn't help with my depression. I will be seeing a pain specialist next week to help get that under control buy that means taking more meds or stronger ones. I want the pain to go away. I guess you could say I'm scared. Could, no, definitely. Right now I'm on Cymbalta and norco. I've tried Ultram too. Nothing seems to help. I hurt so bad at times I can't fix dinner. I hate my life and I just can't seem to improve it unless I've taken some sort of drug. I don't want to live thus way. I'm in a well with slick sides and bo ladder. Suicide is not a solution, I won't go there. I need help and inspiration. Gotta go. I'm crying again. Good luck to all, we all have the chance at happiness.
    GwenMarieG responded:
    Hi! I can most definitely relate to you as I have fibro, RA along with depression and anxiety. Been having a rough time of it lately and I really get what your going through. The best thing for me is not to isolate. I go to AA meetings and am involved in NAMI which is National Alliance for Mental Illness an I go to support groups there where I can at least talk about what I am going through and have people who can emphasize with me. I need to Know that I am not alone and that there is hope. I use a lot of positive affirmations and sit in the sun as much as I can with self help books, meditation books or just reading- anything to get my mind off of Me and my problems which can be so overwhelming at times. It is not a cure, but I feel as if I am doing something positive. The worst thing is for me to isolate but I do need to put boundaries between me and my family who just don't understand and sometimes it feels- don't care.
    You are not alone and I hope you can find some relief soon!
    XXXXXXX would give you a hug if I could!
    Thanks for reminding me that there are others out there that suffer from these diseases!
    semed replied to GwenMarieG's response:
    Thank you! It may sound weird to some, but it does help to be reminded that we are not alone in this world. Your ideas on how to cope will help. I just need to work thru the pain a bit more and get some outside activity started. Thanks for the X and O. Everyone needs them and I send some back. I'm crying again but for good feelings this yime.Can't say thank you enough. Bless you!
    GwenMarieG replied to semed's response:
    So glad that you responded, I was hoping you would. I am glad that you are in a better frame of mind! Never give up hope! Also, WebMD has a great link for fibromyalgia and fibrofog, I just saw it last night and thought of you! Hope you check into it.
    Take care of yourself and I am always here if you need to talk.

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    safe AD to take with tramadol.
    my doctor just put me on tramadol and i take cymbalta. More
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