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    someone please help me
    buchacat posted:
    hate my life so bad. please don't tell me to stop complaining and deal with it. I cant find a job. I work part time and I am alone. I have no contact with people. then I come home alone until my only son comes home. my husband works all the time. I don't have any real friends. all I do is try, try, try, try, try. I have been applying everywhere, part time or full time just to have contact with people. I am so alone all the time. my son is 11, mild autism, he has no friends at all. I even signed up to volunteer at his school and they never called. I cant take this rejection any more. my whole life has been nothing but rejection and abuse. what am I supposed to do? I can only try so hard! all I think about is committing suicide. I tried to 20 years ago but failed. I wish I died back then so I don't have to suffer anymore! PLEASE HELP ME!!
    rohvannyn responded:
    If you keep posting here, and get good advice, and ignore it, and come back and post the same things, then you will never see any change. The power is in you to change. You have to choose to do it. Please read what other people have already advised you before. There isn't any magical cure beyond what has already said.
    Alissian responded:
    you ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO VENT HERE!!! That is a big reason I come here. I am alone way too much and life is very difficult. If you don't come here and vent then maybe you will do something stupid. I get good advice and I do try and use it but that does not change things going on I have no control over nad really make my life difficult if not unbearable at times!! I can only try so hard as can you. I can only do so much as can you. There are tons of reasons we are unhappy and nobody can judge what we do unless they are in our skin. Take whatever advice helps and try and put it to some use for you. People change VERY FREAKIN SLOWWWWWWWWWWW in reality. I hate it when some people think you have been told something so you should know it and not do whatever anymore...most of the time they are not telling you something you DONT already know but there are reasons its not working for you!! Please keep reaching out and talking. Please don't give up. Don't let others stop you from venting or seeking support. That is whay I am here and even as bad as I feel I will reach out and try and help somebody else if I can!!! Big Hug to you. Hang in there!!!
    rohvannyn replied to Alissian's response:
    Agreed. Venting is perfectly fine, everyone is welcome to do that, and everyone needs to now and then. That's partly what we're here for, to listen. However, as a favor to those of us who want to help, it would be really good if we knew whether someone posting wanted a sympathetic ear or if they wanted advice. That way we wouldn't give advice when it wasn't wanted, as it looks like happened here.
    Alissian replied to rohvannyn's response:
    I want to thank you for trying to help. That is all you can do. If I post here or anywhere else I know I am opening myself up to just about anything these days on this internet. I post cuz I need to. I read and try to appreciate any advice I get. Its just not magic. I wish it was. I thought things were bad yesterday. So depressed and feeling like I cannot take one more bad thing happening. So what happens?? Get a certified letter that my own step mother has sold my house and I have to be out Dec. 1. I have been unable to do the dishes or clean the house or almost anything. So instead of her calling or coming over to help she does this. Advice is not gonna help me today. Love support and real help doing things might help a little. Criticizing me will only drive me farther into the depths of depression as it will this person above. All I have to say today is god help me stay clean and sober and sane today...tonight. I just want to die. I cannot believe she did this. I need love support and help not backstabbing and mh home yanked out from under me. I feel I just cant do anything much less even try and get ready to move!!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf???? Seriously. In shock. sick. its just insanity.
    Alissian responded:
    I know how you feel. I hope there is a god and he finds it in his heart to help us thru this day and finds a way to help us...make life better. If I was there we could at least hug and cry on each other. love and support one another. I have nobody at home but a dog and cat. Looks like I am losing the one thing that has been safe or so I thought. my home. Dec1. How can I do this. Seems like when you are really down things just keep piling on!! It has to get just has to. God help us. Hugs.

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