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    Includes Expert Content
    Dr. Schwartz: Paxil CR update after 15 days!!
    Anon_963 posted:
    Still having unpleasant side affects--head jerks (not bad, just unexpectedly) when in a resting position--like a pillow or chair. Hands tremble alot and often---even have wakened me from sleep 2 times.
    Anxiety feels constant at times--like I have to be up and moving about.
    The strange thing--the depression is much better. I can't even cry when normal things that would make one cry, I find I feel badly about, but no tears or like usual for me--ongoing tears! Spoke with doctor--he said unusual for this type of side affect--but to give it a few more days. Also, contipation is a big problem and nausea at times is still mild to not so mild. My head feels like it is full and top heavy. I keep going--feel like I'm looking at the world thru a fog (not visual) but inside my head. Sometimes I have to just lie down or sit down and give in to it.
    I feel truly 'drugged'--due to taking it and the 2 to 3 low dose xanax daily. But the anxiety would be hard to handle without the help of the xanax and the doctor--said not to stop that. If I can't tolerate this, and I've tried several others with similar (but not all) these side affects, is there any drug I might ask him about? Truly a puzzle and discouragement. I do see a therapist too. He was hoping I'd be able to tolerate the meds--felt I'd be so much better all the way around if I could. So, I decided to try again on them.
    Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
    yes- paxil side effects occur. usually we wait them out and they go away. or we add low dose xanax. alternatively we add remeron, trazodone or serzone as these drugs block serotonin 2 receptors which are likely too activated by the paxil now.. so many options. looks promising that paxil is working, so talk to your doc to see what options are safest and best for you
    Anon_963 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
    Thanks you for the suggestions and encouragement!
    I'm still on it but dr. changed it to 'every other day'. We talked about adding Klonopin in place of Xanax. Is that something you would suggest too? I tried Remeron--one of the ones I couldn't tolerate. Could it be possible that I'm having what I've read about--serotonin re-uptake syndrome? I'll ask him that too, Strange--on days I take the Paxil, the nausea is gone and yet the pressure inside my head is 'intense' and feeling so drugged is very unpleasant. But, I handle things better, so just hoping this side affect dissipates. The feeling that I have to 'keep moving' can be very frustrating, especially when I'm up and moving--the pressure in my head is worse. As I said, it could be affecting the Meniere's symptoms for me too, so it's very hard to know.

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