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    Random rant, but can anyone relate?
    raychel127 posted:
    This is my first time here, I've always been really kept to myself when it comes to feelings and thoughts and all that. I'm 18, out of school, and renting a place wit my boyfriend of three years. He doesn't even realize how depressed I am because I don't talk that deeply about myself. I work literally every day. No days off. and if I didn't I wouldn't be able to pay the bills. Work is stressful and finances are even worse as a young adult. I really wanted to continue my education after highschool but I can't afford it. I make minimum wage and I can't afford further training to be able to make more than minimum. I have a pile of crap vehicle cause that's all I can afford. Breaking down on the side of the road every week is really stressful and also scary because I'm a pretty good looking girl. I don't have any friends and my boyfriend has some so it like slaps me in the face to see them have a good time while I'm too busy working my life away to do anything or even try to make friends. I don't want this to be too long so basically I'm smart, I'm a hard worker, I'm a good person, but life is so meaningless and I literally have nothing to look forward to. I have really grown as a person and I feel like I deserve to have good things and good times in life especially since I'm young, but nothing is easy in life and I know that trust me. But I just wish I could find time to get out and do something, even exercise, just to be happier and not feel so worthless. This post is not well written so I apologize but I'm tired after a long day at work and i don't care enough to show my literature skills because f*** it life is pointless. You feel me? I can never find someone I relate to. Most young adults problems seem so small to me and I'm sure they're real too but being broke and barely knowing when you're going to eat, or if you're going to have to live out of your car and still go to workevery day next month seems like some of the worst s*** to me. Maybe I'm overreacting but the stress is literally killing me and I'm just looking for someone who knows how I feel so I can vent with someone k. Thanks??
    rohvannyn responded:
    I can relate - I haven't been in your exact same spot but I really can understand how you feel. Nobody would like being where you are! My first instinct is to try to help you find solutions, so your burden is easier, but I'll sit on myself, because you need somebody to vent to who understands you, not a problem solver.

    I did want to tell you that I'm really happy to see a young person actually going out into the world, working hard and not living off government benefits or out of their parents' basement. If you were my niece, I'd be really proud of you. Of course, I'd be giving you a bunch of advice too. If you want any of that, it's free for the asking.

    It does get better. And yes, I do totally understand what you are saying and why you'd be frustrated.
    raychel127 replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Thank you! I'm open for advice, at this point i partly dont know what to do, and partly know exactly what to do but don't want to because it doesn't seem like the best option. I mean I could take out student loans (I'm scared I won't ever be able to pay them off), i could stay up later so I have more time to hang out with friends or something if I had any (im already tired all the time so I don't want to do that). I could try harder to make friends(but obviously I don't have time), I could break up with my boyfriend so I have more time(he's the only real friend I have, he's all that keeps me going). so I have reasons for not doing all of those so if you have other advice hit me with it girl!
    cabswrub responded:
    don't know how you do it. maybe you could stay with your parents for awhile until you figure something out?

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