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    Anon_11642 posted:
    Say, am sad so much lately - I live in a small town less than 4000 people in Kansas. I was born and raised in SF in Calif but have lived here since 1976 - for some reason a few days ago I got really depressed. I told my husband so many good families have moved away - I get involved in the community but see the same people day after day - there are 1 to 2 deaths each week so when you multiply it by 12 that means 100 people less each year. I don't travel much - my daughter is telling me I need to do that but husband does not like to drive in traffic like me - he is 76 and I am 72 - haven't flown since 2008 when my mom died - am afraid of planes now with all the terrorism - I know I can't live in fear but I do as far as flying - I am driving myself to Wichita Monday to see daughter and 3 kids - and in 2 weeks going to KC for 3 nights - we do that every year as we stay at a plaza so we don't have to drive to go to restaurants in traffic.

    Anyway, how do I deal with this sadness? I belong to a knitting group and a Friday lunch group and a Wednesday rosary making group with church and work out M-F at our rec ctr and a Bible study group on Tues. Weekends are so boring - we mainly have elderly people living here and lots of welfare.

    I am searching for how I can change my mood and be a little happier. I know traveling is the key but we don't like driving in traffic.

    Anyway, can someone give me some advice - maybe others are in the same boat. I went to senior center yesterday to play bingo - depressed me with the people who were there - no interesting conversation - I call them deadbeats and poorly and unclean dressed people there. My environment is just getting more depressing as I look around - no jobs here so when each year passes our town just gets smaller and stores close,. We are farmers - live in a nice neighborhood but my neighbors are young with little kids and is very clicky - I'm looked as "old" I am a young 72 year old.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. I will await someone's response.
    atti_editor responded:
    It sounds like you are doing so many things right -- exercising, volunteering, socializing, keeping up with hobbies. Maybe going to see your daughter and grandchildren is just what you need right now.

    While your daughter may be on to something with her suggestion of travel and getting into a new setting for awhile, I completely understand your dislike of traffic and hesitance to fly. Maybe mixing up your routine a little would help. Do you feel like you are stuck in a kind of rut? Even though you do so many things in your community, doing them over and over in the same pattern can make them feel commonplace.

    This slideshow has some tips on everyday ways to ease depression (you already do a lot of them, but it may be worth a look).

    This slideshow has some suggestions on how to be happier and may also be of interest to you.

    Have you spoken with your doctor about how you are feeling? He/She may have some suggestions on things that may help.

    Please let us know how you are doing! And we are always here for support

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