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    Is depression permanent?
    smileygrl8309 posted:
    I've been diagnosed w/ atypical depression. I've had it for 6 years now. I know there's no magical happy pill but the meds do help me deal with my unhappiness. I know this because everytime I try to ween off my meds, I get worse. My symptoms are a little different. I also over eat to make me feel better so of course, I'm obese which makes me more depressed. I guess I was hoping someone could tell me that it will get better because they've been where I'm at and survived.Any one with words of wisdom for me? Will I ever be cured??
    wiccacelt79 responded:
    I have suffered with depression for over 10 years now and I have been on a lot of different meds but nothing really helped. Now I have been taking effexor xr and abilify but I don't notice a change. There have been times when I wanted to give up but so far I am trying to push through. I have gotten discourgaed because I still feel this way. I do wonder if it is permanent.
    smileygrl8309 responded:
    Merry Meet wiccacelt79!! Thank you so much for answering me! I am now taking Celexa. It seems to be helping but it's only been a week and they usually all do some good when you first change from one to another unless you have bad side effects from the beginning. I try to find pleasure in the little things, like your mail. This was truly a blessing for me. Blessed be.
    sunset45 responded:
    Depression waxes and wans. Sometimes it is better, then something will happen and you go back down again. Medication helps me so I have been on medication since 1999. However, there have been changes in what I take. Fall and Winter can be hard too with less daylight. I fought the fact that I have depression for a long time, but have finally come to accept it. I know my body now and when I am worse so I know when I need to get in and see my doctor. I keep my appointments too and check in with him every couple of months. It helps keep me on track. I have had talk therapy too for issues I hadn't resolved. I only do that if I need to. Good luck to you. There are worse things out there in the world and worse illnesses. It is a chemical imbalance and not your fault.
    happypanda4444 replied to sunset45's response:
    am depressed as well, but take zoloft it doesn't work! My psychiatrist won't take me off it!
    itmatsb replied to happypanda4444's response:
    How long have you been taking the Zoloft. They usually take at least a month to take effect. If it has been that long and your psychiatrist hasn't raised the dose or added anything to it, then you need to find another psychiatrist. Everyone is different with which anti-depressant will help them. Unfortunately it's just a crap shoot as to which one will work, but you definitely need to give each one a real chance. Good luck to you.
    itmatsb responded:
    To all,
    If you have had long term depression which most of you have, you should definitely stay on any anti-depressant that helps you, because otherwise going off and on can make the recovery more difficult and it takes more of the medication to have an effect. In that way, yes depression is a chronic condition that will need life long help. But the newer research shows that not treating it leads to a lot of physical illnesses in much greater frequency.
    krazykatt707 responded:
    I think for most people it probably is.

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