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    Depression . . lingering
    Troubador32 posted:
    I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder for nine years now. I also was diagnosed with panic disorder around the same time. I was told I had subclinical OCD as well. Its distressing, not enough to warrant a formal diagnosis. I have taken many antidepressants without alot of luck for my depression. I read an article about atypical depression on WebMD. I seem to be suffering from this moreso than MDD. I have not had many anxiety or panic attacks for quite a while now. I take Prozac. I was on 20mg for a few years, then it was upped last year after I lost a pet and a close family friend. I have been taking the 40 mg ever since. I am taking buspar 30mg a day (15mg bid). I started taking this in January. I just can't seem to feel much happiness, too much effort. I am thankful that I am still sane and not suicidal! I do not self harm, but seem to be bad at pulling my hair. I have been unemployed for two years. My mom has been unemployed since last January. Are there any treatments that may help me? Any suggestions would be helpful!
    isntitironic responded:
    I'm sure it must be frustrating to be trying to find a solution but to no avail. I recently spoke to my psychiatrist about Abilify, which is an addon medication to the traditional antidepressent regime. My mom and stepfather and both taking it and have had incredible results with it. If you haven't asked about it, might be worth inquiring.
    Troubador32 replied to isntitironic's response:
    Thanks! I thought about that, but I worry that it is too expensive. I will ask about it at my next appt with my gen. practitioner.
    ria65 responded:
    The fact that you are not having major panic attacks and not feeling suicidal is a very good thing. Your medication is working. You could try (with docs ok) increasing your dose of Prozac, since you can take up to 60 mg of that stuff. Or try adding a mood stabilizer like Abilify or Lamictal. Or maybe you just need a new anti-depressant. Long ago I took Prozac and it helped for a good 3 years, but then my body grew tolerant of it. I switched to Lexapro and that also helped for at least 2 years. I'm now on Paxil and Saphris(a mood stabilizer) and getting good results. But remember too, meds won't get rid of all your symptoms. The very best is to take meds and see a therapist which would give you the best results. Having depression for almost 20 years, I can tell you that finding the right medication and a good therapist makes all the difference. Understand too that feeling a little flat is a side effect of the medication, but it's much better than feeling suicidal or having panic attacks. Just gotta take the bad with the good. Good Luck!

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    safe AD to take with tramadol.
    my doctor just put me on tramadol and i take cymbalta. More
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