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    Living with a depressed adult child
    momincrisis2 posted:
    Back in February 2010 my daughter who is 30 went through a stressful event and almost lost her mind not knowing who she was or who we were. She has been to college and obtained a master's degree in child development. Little did we know all the stress of college, being away from home and dealing with relationships was penned up inside of her. We took her to a Psychiatrist who prescribed medication which she would not take consistently. Now she is in a state of depression. She doesn't connect with friends, unable to focus, always tired, trouble sleeping all the symptoms. As her parents we can not force her to seek help. We have brought to her attention all of symptom and told her she needs to seek help. It hurts our heart to see this once vibrant socially active young women not enjoy life. What can we do as her parents? Please does anyone have any suggestions?
    FightingMyself responded:
    I can relate to your daughter. I am 28 and living with my mother, starting back in October I broke down. My depression was the worse it has ever been and I had zero hope. I wanted to die. The hardest part was accepting help from my family and friends. I can only imagine how hard it is for you, as I have only been on the other side of the fence. The best thing my mother and family did for me was be patient. It took me months to realize that I had a serious problem, and I think, at least in my case, I had to be ready to change before anything started working. Just keep letting your daughter know that you are there for her. Tell her that she is not alone. If you can convience her to see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist on a regular basis, that will help. It was the best thing I did, and I saw mine every other week for the first couple of months. I know it is frustrating, but try to get her to do as much as you can, getting out of the house helps. Just try to be as understanding as you can be. If anyone else in the family has had similar situations, now maybe the best time to talk about it. My Mom got me interested in a book series. I started reading again for pleasure, not for school. That helped me. I hope this helps, I will add to it if I think of more. Good Luck!
    Nettiepa replied to FightingMyself's response:
    I have joined this group to get insight into depression. My daughter is in her mid thirties and fighting depression. I know she too was struggling to find positives as to why she should live. She has moved away so is not at home but I am struggling to find a way too support her. She does not share her feelings with me and I really don't know what she expects from me. She (I think) wants me to condone all her choices even when I believe they may be contributing to her depression. I love her unconditionally, I worry about her so much. She is getting help and is on medication and seeing a phychologist on a regular basis. She blames her family as part of her depression at present because she says we don't support her. It is so hard to know what she actually wants from us. I and her two sisters have phoned regularly just to keep in touch but it does not seem enough yet if we try to do more or suggest she has a day out with us she rejects us.
    I tthink I just have to back off completely and just let her know our door is open and that I love her. I feel incredibly sorry for people with depression and as a Mum it is breaking my heart and I feel our relationship.
    Thanks for listening. Any advice would be welcomed.

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