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    why is life worth living
    An_203621 posted:
    This is invariably the rah-rah cheer that is given to someone who wants to stop living. Life is worth living? Why? If a person has done and gotten out of their life what they wanted, why just keep going through the motions? Which is worse; to drag around day to day, doing a job that is meaningless, just to barely get by, or to just chuck it all, and be done with it? If there is no one who will be affected by this (spouse, relative, dependents), then, really, is one more person off the face of the earth really a big deal?
    JustAnotherGirl83 responded:
  • hugs Anon and then sits quietly and waits or the answer*
    xXblackladyXx responded:
    I I understand.. there are times in my life that i wondered the same thing.. my life keeps going to the dogs.. but there are days where it dont seem so bad.. try to look at it this way.. life throws a a basket of stuff.. there are good stuff and then there are bad stuff.. just chuck the bad stuff out and replace it with good stuff.. change your job.. make new friends.. go out to different place.. expolore different states or cities.. just keep ur mind on positive thoughts no matter how much u dislike your life..

    Hopes that helps..
    lpurnell responded:
    I understand dragging yourself through life. It is miserable and seems meaningless. But, God put you hear for a reason. He loves you and is all good. You are not alone. He is with you always. Talk to Him!!!
    pheequine replied to lpurnell's response:
    Which one? THere are so many. Personally, I don't believe. And I am sure that the one that YOU believe in, is the only true one, but I can ask 12 people, who follow 12 different faiths, and get a different "one" 12 times.
    pheequine replied to xXblackladyXx's response:
    Glad you have the resources to do all that. I am barely getting by, financially. If I miss a day of work, I don't eat. And, no, I have no family. As for friends, none that I would bother with pettiness. Look, I just asked a question. I don't sit around and think about it. I don't have the time. I don't like or dislike my life. I just exist. Just wondering why.
    All_is_One replied to pheequine's response:
    No one knows why they are here. Perhaps that is the thrill and the challenge of it all. At least I believe that this vibration or dimension we live in now is here to allow swift evolution, at the cost of not knowing our true identity.

    I see this life as equivalent to each of us walking around a pitch black world and all we have to guide us are these tiny little candlelights (our true selves/our inner light).

    Within this darkness, we are the light. We are trying to come to the realization that all things are of the light. All things contain love.

    I'm not going to sit here and pretend everything is all roses, because it sure as heck ain't. This world seems like it came right out of a twisted part of hell, but I do know that within each of us lies that knowing that we have come from a place full of love and light, or at least that we are trying to get to it (heaven maybe?)

    Good luck and god bless!
    pheequine replied to All_is_One's response:
    Good!! That's good. Now, for the better part of my life, I could believe that, yes, I had a guide, a little candlelight, as you describe. But, these past few years, these 'lights' have gone out, and I don't believe they will come back. I'm not sad or bitter, it's just the way it is. I don't believe in love, or religion. Look at all of the despicable things that have been perpetrated in the name of love and religion. Is there really such a thing as truth or good? I wonder. But, that's another discussion. As for getting to that place of love and light, if a person knows that there is nothing left in this place and time, why should we bother just going through the motions, biding time, taking up space, instead of just going right for that lovely place?
    An_203622 replied to pheequine's response:
    you are trying to follow someonelses light. the light is in you the truth is in you the world is crappy because there arn't enough good truthfull people that choose to make this a better place.
    baby72006 responded:
    I heart aches for you! Why you ask? Because EVERYONE has value! I don't know you but it would sadden me to find out that you took yourself off the count.
    I know what it is to feel the way you are feeling, so I am not speaking out of my butt. Please know that you have someone who does care if you were on the face of the earth or not! If you are not already seeking help, please do. Something, anything.....just don"t give up or in!
    I send you a hug.
    baby72006 replied to pheequine's response:
    pheequine, it doesn't matter which one or what one calls HIM.. Because of different cultures and languages He is known by different names. However He is still God.
    I say this out of caring. God Bless all who are suffering.
    SHELLEY28409 responded:
    I also suffer from anxiety and depression and I have my moments like everyone else here....I even had to quite my job and I am now on disability....but as for the reason you are here is God doesnt make mistakes...He loves you unconditionally and he even sent his One and only SON Jesus to die a horrible death on the cross just to cover our sin debt...

    Jesus never sinned a day in his life but he gave it all up for us who believe in him will have ever lasting life with him in heaven forever and forever....God doesnt tell us we will never suffer but that we will suffer for in our suffering He is made Strong and is glorified....our life is not our own but is the temple of the living day when He sends his son Jesus back to get us there will be no more pain or suffering and we will have a new body that will be a body that will not suffer or have any pain...

    Do I have my moments? Yes I do and I question God all the time because I wonder the same things everyone else does....but I know each day is a blessing no matter how bad I feel and I am thankful that its not any worse cause I know it could be....Just talk with God and spill your heart and let him know you need him....he will never leave you or forsake you even though you may feel like he has....

    I am not here to preach and I love you all and feel for each one of you cause I know how you feel....I have suffered for going on 5 years now with anxiety,depression,vertigo,IBS,costochondritis,fibromyalgia,
    chronic pain in neck and back of head,migraines and many other things that trigger symptoms in my body, but thru it all life is still a precious prayers are for everyone....God bless you all...
    downhigh responded:
    I agree. I'd never tell anyone to give up, but me, personally, I have. I don't care anymore. 14 years of "Treatment-resistant" depression, every medication, clinic, ECT,group therapy,etc,etc, and NOTHING has helped AT ALL. Is life worth living? It's a subjective question, if I didn't have depression, I'd say yes. But sense I do, and knowing that all my memories,experiences, etc will be ruined by a dark cloud of depression, yes, makes nothing worthwhile.
    Jayne4694 responded:
    So you can plan a wedding in 5 weeks for your daughter. It's Saturday and that's what I had to do. She will be beautiful and that's what I live for right now. But I do have days that I don't want to be on this earth either. Just a way of thinking.

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