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    Sudden sinking feeling?
    deegee79 posted:
    Does anyone else who's been diagnosed with depression feel what I'm about to describe?

    I will be "fine"...going about my day....not really sad, not really happy...just feeling pretty "normal"......then, all of a sudden...seemingly out of nowhere...I will get this overwhelming "sinking" feeling. I literally feel depressed.....meaning, that it feels as tho my heart has sunk (or depressed) down into my stomach. It's a feeling of a sudden dark cloud that washes completely over me. I literally just have to sit there, very still, until it passes. It will usually pass within a few moments....and then I am "fine" again. I ask if anyone else experiences this, because from my readings it seems to me that most people with depression have constant symptoms....not sudden onsets of depression. I'm just wondering what this is and if anyone else experiences it. Like i said, it feels as tho suddenly a dark cloud washes over me and I feel completely hopeless, lost and sad. It's almost painful....not pyshically painful...but emotionally painful. And it seems to come from no where....I could understand if I got this feeling when something bad happens...but nothing bad needs to happen for me to have this sudden dark cloud come over me. thanks in advice for sharing your experiences.
    An_203884 responded:
    I think that is normal - I suffer from depression but my mood seems to vary a lot through the day. I can get really upset about something and then a few hours later I can't understand why I was so upset about something that now seems so silly. I think it helps to try to remain calm and above all to try not to react too much in the moment. I also think talking to a therapist would really help.
    susiemargaret responded:
    hello, D --

    i agree with A above -- i don't think what is happening is completely unusual. even when i am already feeling bad, sometimes a deeper wave of melancholy just washes over me, out of nowhere, it seems, and then it passes after an hr or two. i don't try to do anything about these particular incidents other than recognizing what is happening, altho sometimes i do take an ativan/lorazepam if i start crying.

    if this keeps up, however, you might want to have a few sessions with a counselor of some type to explore what might be happening in your life that is prompting these episodes.

    -- susie margaret
    what good is gold, or silver too, if your heart's not good and true -- hank williams, sr.
    sheila000 responded:
    just curious but have you had a complete physical recently? It could be something biochemical like low blood sugar, low blood pressure, low thryoid or some hormone thing that actually makes you feel like you are sinking. unless it always happens when you are mulling over sad experiences, you might talk to your primaray doctor.
    Ayesha42 responded:
    I know how you feel. My day starts the same way you described, not happy, not sad. But the sinking feeling I get doesn't just go away, it persists throughout the whole day, and then I start to have panic attacks. Almost every single day I have depressive symptoms, and I can't really explain the reasons. I get really emotional and I feel like calling someone and venting. Unfortunately, I can't vent at my sister anymore because I am bringing her down, and then she talks about how I can't be happy around her. I don't know if it's my depression that hinders me from being happy with my sister, or is it just me?? I don't know what's going to happen to me if I continue to feel this way. It's been three years already, and I don't know what will make this go away.
    renej123 responded:
    can relate to this. i get this same feeling out of no where except i also get very nauseated to the point of almost throwing up. i dont understand why it comes on out of no where and so strong. it really scares me sometimes because i am scared of what i might do. i am not one that likes to admit when i am in this state of mind or even ask for help. i guess i have been told one to many times your a freak if you cant control your depression so i try, plus i dont want to be locked up in psych wards any more. i just wish it would all go away
    Demons2011 responded:
    Yes, I can relate. I call them the waves. They can be calm and gentle or crashing with a roar. They scare me at times because I don't know how long they will last, hours, days and weeks. The worst was the one which lasted for almost a year until I took foolish action. Desperate I know. Don't let your waves last that long - seek help from someone.
    kpc1024 responded:
    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. No other symptoms of depression, just a sudden and intense emotional pain that makes you want to jump out of your body. My dr thinks it is a form of seizures. I am being evaluated now. Please tell me if you have an update. Are you bein treated? How are you?
    KeikoMK responded:
    felt the same thing and i have beem diagnosed
    kpc1024 replied to KeikoMK's response:
    What was your diagnosis and treatment? How are you feeling?
    spiderslap responded:
    I have experienced something that i believe is similar to yours. I will suddenly become very down, and physically feel a sinking feeling in my throat, chest, and stomach. and emotionally i have a strange hopeless feeling. I only lasts a couple minutes and i tend to be able to function during it. I am usually at work or school when it happens so i have sort of linked it with being either stressed, hungry/tired, or in need of caffeine. I still have not found any established diagnosis for this symptom.
    kpc1024 replied to spiderslap's response:
    Spiderslap, have you been to a neurologist?? I have since been diagnosed with simples seizures. You have the classic symptoms.
    I am glad you can relate to the emotional part of it. I can function through it as well but it really hurts. Can you tell me more about that symptom?
    kpc1024 responded:
    I had the same exact symptoms. Diagnosed with simple seizures. Have you been diagnosed since you posted?
    how are you feeling?
    spiderslap replied to kpc1024's response:

    I have not been to a neurologist. I have never known whether there was any reason that I should be worried about it or if it was a symptom of a more serious condition, however I have been fascinated by the transient feelings because I have never heard of it before. the feeling hits me very suddenly and there is no way of shaking it, however the acute part of it lasts no more than 30 seconds. Sometimes, I have a residual feeling of it for a couple minutes, but usually I just assume I am tired or need some type of pick me up, like caffeine (which doesn't really make sense considering I have never heard of coffee addicts having sudden sinking/dropping sensations in their body and mind.)
    Has your neurologist treated you? Or did she have any suggestions to prevent them? I am wary of seeing a neurologist because if I get diagnosed with some seizure disorder, I am worried it may affect me in the future, such as getting a job or who knows what?
    also, thank you for replying. they are some strange symptoms we have an I was unsure whether anyone would have any idea what I was describing
    kpc1024 replied to spiderslap's response:

    I was misdiagnosed for 10 years. I was always told these symptoms were panic attacks, until I found the right dr.
    Seeing the neurologist had no affect on my job or any other part of my life. For me, the emotional symptoms are so intense, I couldn't imagine not seeking treatment. The neuro prescribed Lamictal, one of the most effective and popular drugs used to treat seizures. As the dosage increases the severity of the symptoms decrease. They have not completely stopped as of yet. As far as preventing them, you probably wont have them as often if you get a good night sleep, keep your stress levels low and avoid alcohol.
    I am glad you posted. I have always felt a bit alone with such strange symptoms. Its hard for others to understand what it is like.
    Read more about temporal lobe seizures here:
    I hope you feel better!

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