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    Do you tell?
    Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Do you share that you have depression with your friends? Who in your life knows that you are struggling?
    How do you tell people about what you are going through?
    Care to share?

    When the world says, Give up,
    Hope whispers, Try it one more time.
    ~Author Unknown
    az330 responded:
    I don't really share my depression with anyone. I have in the past. I feel people just look at me and don't understand. They seem to turn it around on you and tell you its your fault. I have shared my struggles with 2 people in my life. One is as supportive as she can the other doesn't get it. So I choose to keep it too myself. My therapist is learning about me of course.
    marysings replied to az330's response:
    This whole stinkin town of 2,233 people knows that I have severe depression. I say that with some anger because when I am out and about, people will stop and say to me "are you doing all right, Mary?" They really don't want to know (which took me a few years to figure out). I hate it because they talk down to me, like they would talk to a child.

    So I don't talk about it. When asked I reply that I am fine. If I tell them I'm not doing well, they give me the blank stare that signifies they have no idea what to say to that.

    My advice:
    1. Don't live in a small community unless you actually like knowing that you are the topic of conversation within a lot of groups of friends.
    2. Do not make a SI attempt because the whole town chirps and cheeps about you for weeks.
    3. When asked - tell them you are "doing fine" because no one actually gives a rip about you.

    can you tell I've been up since 4:10am and I am not doing well?
    I'm strong willed and I tell it like it is. I make mistakes, I'm sometimes out of control, but I love and give with all my heart. Have patience with me as I heal.
    joynevercomes2me responded:
    1.i don't have any friends, so there's no one to share with.

    2. there are a handful of people that know i'm struggling, but they don't get it how bad i get how often, or they make light of it with the "oh you'll feel better soon" crap.

    3. i don't know how to tell my parents about what i'm going thru. i'm trying to figure that out.

    sorry...going thru a rough time right now.......i'm a little sensitive about this topic.
    Hyzenthlay7 responded:
    It depends upon the person.
    onlysis responded:
    honestly who really cares or would understand? For me no one so what is the point!
    Anneinside responded:
    Recently I was interviewed for the newspaper about a depression/bipolar group that I attend. I am waiting to see if/when it comes out. I did the interview and then wondered what I had done to myself. I still have mixed feelings about it.

    I had to tell HR at work about having bipolar and it did not turn out well. I am currently on disability.
    chipmunk77 responded:
    I dont i try to stay away from everyone.
    1mindless responded:
    No i am too ashamed to share this dirty secret with anyone.
    CatWoman1971 responded:
    Yeah, right . . . like I will tell anybody how bad it is! The few people I have told (counting a few therapists) just don't understand, so I just keep it to myself. And my family? HA! They're religious nuts and have basically told me that I'm not believing enough in God and that depression is sinful.
    paulpaulpaul responded:
    It is a difficult issue to address. On the one hand, I don't keep my depression a secret. I am on disability for it and can't work. I think my mom talks about it with her sisters because my grandfather suffered from it. They kinda understand.

    On the other hand, ther relatives and friends who know about it don't know how to address it. They just look at me awkwardly. I think most think I should "just get over it," I wish I could just gather them altogether and explain what I have and what I am going through. I get so frustrated. People just don't understand, not even my best friend.
    AnitaRelax responded:
    Most of my friends are aware of my depression/anxiety, and I'm pretty sure my family is as well, but we never talk about it.

    My college friends were great about talking and I felt super comfortable with them, but now we're far apart geographically and I don't feel as close.

    When I tried to talk to my "home" friends they didn't know what to say and they were clearly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, these are now the people who are closest in geographic proximity.

    The tricky thing is that I very much feel like a burden and don't know what to say myself. I'm have lots of trouble finding the words to start/sustain these conversations. Heck, I even have trouble trying to write it just for myself!

    Anita Relax
    mommysad4 responded:
    Everytime i share my depression issues with family or friends they look at me as if i were crazy. They make comments like just get over it, and when i have a mood swing instead of being supportive they become defensive. So now i just go around with a smile on my face and a frown on the inside. I feel like a cracked vase that any minute could fall all apart:(
    jackilynn30 responded:
    My friends know but only friends that I trust to be respectful of my problems. Only one friend gets to know the details because she would never judge me and I am a very private person. My co-workers ( I work for a small company) know I take medication for depression but don't know any details.
    evekit replied to jackilynn30's response:
    My family knows. I don't have friends any more. When I cut myself off from people and quit doing things for people they left.

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