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    just diagnosed
    Vegas58 posted:
    I have just been recently diagnosed w/ depression. I went through a very very bad spell about 15 yrs. ago. My family has no understanding of this. I hear things like just pull yourself out of this, This is ridiculous you don't need a Doctor for this,you're just weak. My husband of 30 yrs. has been fighting stage 4 bladder cancer for the last 3 years. Thank God he is cancer free now. I have had custody of my 4 beautiful granddaughters for almost 5 yrs.I lost my kid brother at 46 yrs.old less than a year ago. I haven't even grieved for him yet. Sorry to post so much at one time. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there to talk to. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    behapppy118 responded:
    Hello there Vegas58,

    I am sorry to hear all that you have been going through. There are people here to talk to and to help out. You've come to a good place. Everyone here is understanding and they don't judge and also understand what you are going through. I also deal with Depression. I know how tough it can be with family, they don't understand because they're not the ones going through it. You can't just "pull yourself out of it", it's not like that, but you probably know that already.

    I hope you find the support you are looking for here. Everyone is supportive and helpful. There are so many kind people to talk to here.
    Demons2011 replied to behapppy118's response:
    Well said BeHappy118, agree completely. While I'm sorry to see new faces here (Vegas58), I'm glad they found us. It's been a huge help to me.
    An_240941 responded:
    I am so sorry you're struggling, and even more so with little sympathy or understanding from your loved ones. I don't even try to talk to anyone about my issues.I'm afraid my family will react the same as yours and I think my husband would blame himself...that's a story for another time though (if ever). Living in Vegas doesn't make it any easier...I'm from there, born and raised. I don't live in Vegas anymore (moved a little over a year ago), but even as stressful as life is there sometimes I miss it. I'm glad you found this site. I don't post here usually at all...maybe twice to one person in particular, but I linger. The group here is amazing. So kind and understanding and they truly do support one another. I think you'll find a lot of love and compassion here.
    Vegas58 responded:
    Thank you for just hearing me out. At least now I know where I can find someone who understands. I feel like a got a big hug. And believe me I needed it badly. Again Thank you all for caring
    alaska_mommy replied to Vegas58's response:
    Hi Vegas,
    It sounds to me like life has just overwhelmed you with distress right now. Just pick even one of the things that you mentioned has happened (the cancer diagnosis of your husband, caring for your granddaughters, and especially the death of your dear brother), and any one of those could invite depression alone. All together, they make it very difficult to just "snap out of it" or "pull yourself out of it". Usually when the depression sets in it's because you've already been trying to pull yourself up by the bootstraps (so to speak) and you have exhausted your strength and just can't go on anymore.
    I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't even had time to grieve for your brother. I can't imagine how that has changed your life and impacted your emotions. I've only had one loss that hit close to home in my life, that was a miscarriage 5 months ago. I'm sure that's nothing like losing someone you've had in your life for many, many years and who you love dearly, but it still sent me into a tailspin of depression worse than I have had in a long time.
    I hope you can find a little respite, support, and comfort here, we all are here to help each other through this.
    behapppy118 replied to Demons2011's response:
    Thank you Demons! Yes, I also feel the same way you do.
    niteflier responded:
    Hello Vegas, i am sorry you are going through this, but i am happy that you made it to this forum. as you an see, everyone here is very supportive and do not judge. it is hard for family members who have not gone through severe depression to understand what you are going through. you have been throuh a lot within the last 15 years and have remained strong for your family during this time, it is ufortunate that they are not there for you now. that is where we come in. everyone here has been in your shoes in one way or another, i.e. depression, overwhelmed at home and/or losing a loved one. i lost my youngest brother in 2001 and my father in February - it seems like i was yesterday - i too have not yet morned for them. fear of breaking apart i guess.
    please keep posting and letting us know how you are doing.
    take care.

    Perhaps the Animal Spirit is so great that one day it may inspire compassion in the human heart. Nan Sea Love

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