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    Found out I am allergic to new med I just started... UGH
    Mrs_Gantt posted:
    Hubby volunteered to work today so up early on this Sunday morning and... I have a rash! The Dr said that some people develop a rash with Lamictal and well... I guess I am one! UGH! I had done some reading on the new med but, I did not see the statement that most people allergic to sulfa are allergic to lamictal. I told the Shrink I was allergic to Sulfa but I guess he wanted to try this lamictal anyhow...

    The rash is only on my right arm for now but it itches bad. Now mentally, I itch all over! I do not see a rash anywhere else so hopefully it will not spread. Hubby is worried however because when I had the bad reaction to Sulfa, it was BAD! I not only have a rash but I am really nauseated too with a headache...

    Anywho... Hubby went and got me some benadryl so I hope this gets better soon... I promised him that if the rash spread, I got a fever, dizzy, or short of breath, I would go to ER...

    I am gonna lay back down and try to rest some more and I am sure the benadryl will knock me out, it usually does...

    I hope everyone else has a GREAT Sunday!

    P.S. We got a little raiin last night! WOOHOO!
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    niteflier responded:
    Mrs. G, I just posted above, disregard some of my questions as i see the answers herer. I am glad hubby is going to get you some benadryl and i hope that helps your rash. i have had a severe reaction to a laundry detergent so I know what you are going through.
    Hope you get some rest and when you wake the rash will be gone and the rest of your Sunday is Great!
    yay on the rain, it sounds like it was well needed. (not sure where you are at)

    Perhaps the Animal Spirit is so great that one day it may inspire compassion in the human heart. Nan Sea Love

    Demons2011 responded:
    Mrs_Gantt - Sorry to hear about the reaction to Lamictal - as the saying goes, that really s--ks. I have no idea on the interactions of various drugs -especially when Docs start making their own cocktails. I have never liked the idea throwing drugs together. Personal objection. Hoping the benadryl kicks in fast for you.
    Mrs_Gantt replied to Demons2011's response:
    I have slept almost all day... Benadryl tends to do that to me though... I still itch really bad, I still have the headache but it seems the nausea has subsided.

    Nf, I am in Indiana so yes, the rain was much needed... Just wish it would have been more as it wasn't much

    Thank you both Niteflier and Demons...
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    totalyfedup replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs_Gantt, Sorry to hear about the reaction, did the Benadryl help? I hope so, don't want you to have to go to the er! Are you going to go back to the dr?
    Let us know how you are,

    need support
    Mrs_Gantt replied to totalyfedup's response:
    I am doing ok, just itchy itchy itch... Major headache and just really feel blah... I've not done a thing all day. Thinkin bout headed to bed soon... Hubby has to get up early tomorrow anyhow...

    Hope everyone has a good eve...

    Peace, Love, and Hugs...
    alaska_mommy replied to Mrs_Gantt's response:
    Hi Mrs. Gantt...I would be sure to notify your doctor about the reaction/rash...especially since you're still having symptoms. Hope you got some good rest and are feeling better!
    Mrs_Gantt replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Good afternoon Alaska_Mommy...

    It is doing better, I just have a welt looking bump now and the itching has become minimal. I actually did call the Dr office to let them know and she said hopefully I will have a callback by tomorrow
    Peace, Love, and Hugs...

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