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    What is a Trigger and When to Trigger a Post
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    What is a Trigger and When to Trigger a Post
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Hello Members -

    We want to make this community a healthy, safe place to share what's going on in our lives - the good, the bad, the ugly and the in-between.

    We have the red Trigger feature available to use if a post is extremely disturbing, contains talk of suicide, self harm, abuse or dark, dark thoughts.

    We have this available to alert others that may be in a sensitive or fragile state. It will alert you NOT to read this post if you are particularly fragile on this day.

    Members can also trigger their own posts by writing "Trigger" in the title and then write something innocuous in the first line and then leaving some spaces between the first line and the rest of the post.

    Sometimes we do not have the man/women power to read each and every post in a timely manner, so if you come across a post that is triggering you can also use the "Report This" feature to alert staff.

    We also understand members here do have depression and having these thoughts can be part of the illness. While we want to support as best as we can there are times when we do have to hide a post. If specific or graphic mentions/descriptions of suicide or self harm are discussed, we will have to hide these to protect our community members and those who happen to browse through.

    We always follow through with an email to the member to let them know we hid the post. If there is response we will sometimes include it. So, it will disappear from this end, but we do follow up behind the scenes.

    Hope this is helpful to keep our community a safe, comfortable, supportive place to land.

    The WebMD Staff
    chotti responded:
    TRIGGER I am new here and have have to endure so many things one thing on top of another over a short period of time. I cannot seem to get out of this funk.

    My Dr. Has me om Zoloft, not helping any more, my PCP want to increase it from 50 mg to 75.

    Some of these things I refer to are traumatizing and most if discussed need RED TRIGGER involved to respect others.

    thank you
    izzy1000 responded:
    I am becoming increasingly depressed, and often want to be left alone, i hear my parents come downstairs and i become aggresive and angry that they are alive.
    In the past i have fantasized about killing my family, and getting away with it or waking up one day and they have left me and i can get on with my life. I feel guilty but i cant shake these feelings off somedays, they wont let me use antideppressant and they leave me alone in my room when i experience these panic attacks where i have hysterics and scream uncontrolably, i cant see or hear anything some times when this happens, that when it gets really bad, i just feel so empty and unloved and like no one understands me properly, they just think im an idiot or im dramatic, and some times i feel like i dont even want to be helped, that i just want to stay unhappy forever.
    rohvannyn replied to izzy1000's response:
    Izzy, that isn't the real you. Antidepressants may not be the answer, but a qualified counselor might. Some of these feelings might be hormonal. It sounds like you are an adolescent. When I was that age, I had sudden bursts of unreasoning anger and depression. I grew out of it, but looking back on it, I see a counselor who could have given me coping skills would have really helped me. Maybe you can find someone who can help you. Some of these feelings may be stronger than most people feel them, and it is plain that they are disturbing to you. I want you to know there is a way out. You can make the choice to take charge of your own life. You don't have to be this way. If you don't know how to help yourself, that's fine... no one knows everything. But somebody does, and they can help you.
    colben replied to rohvannyn's response:
    think this may be something you need to hear- i needed to hear it and it still helps me get through things today.

    For your situation, thats normal. That is the disease distancing you from anyone that gets in the way of the disease. I believe that you are partly correct. No one does understand you properly. I also agree with the post above mine- speaking to someone about these problems are your best bet right now.

    i have very similar fantasies - you want them to disappear so that you no longer have people in your life that have an idea of who you SHOULD be. You just want to be, without being constantly reminded that you aren't what they wanted. To be fair your parents do love you and are just confused and concerned. They cant help you. And maybe thats something they need to hear. THEY CANT HELP YOU. LOVING YOU ISNT ENOUGH.

    Let them know you need help- and that they do not have the tools to do so. And even harder- let them know who you are- messed up or no- don't stop the sharing with them. I stopped sharing with my parents, i don't know how to reverse that now.

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