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    New Here
    usmcharleigh posted:
    Hey everyone. I'm a 25 year old single mother to a 5 year old. we practice week on week off visitation. I have been "depressed" for the past year now and I'm not sure why or how to treat it. I have seen the Dr. before and the medicines that I have tried never worked.
    the past couple months now I have been experiencing worse symptoms. I haven't been working as much because I feel weak, tired, "sick", headaches, nausea, etc.
    Im scared to go back to my dr and get on medicine again. I am not suicidal, or think about suicide. I'm just not sure if I'm actually depressed or if it's anxiety.

    I have loss of interested in working, hanging out with friends, working out, or doing any physical activities. Sometimes when I get out of bed I don't even what to get into the shower, or do my make up or my hair.

    if you have any questions that might help you help me please ask. I don't want to feel this way any more. I want to get my life back on track and get back into a routine.

    please help me!

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    lexismom11 responded:
    Is the doctor you are seeing a psychiatrist? That would be the best person to diagnose you. It sounds like you could be dealing with depression, but it would be best to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist about this. It's not easy being a single mom. I know because I am a single mom as well. Take it easy during those times when you do not have your child and take that time to kind of recharge your batteries. Good luck.
    Jeune1 replied to lexismom11's response:
    Agreed. And even if you are seeing a psychiatrist, if you feel the one you're seeing isn't helping you ... Find another. The symptoms you describe are often seen in depression I know for me I become very bath resistant when I'm severely depressed. But as Lexis says, do find the right health care provider.

    A question I have: Have you tried talk therapy? Or even a support group for single parents?
    lissmeanstrouble responded:
    Hey sweet heart you sound alot like me, except for I am not a single mom, I am a step mom!
    I think you are depressed, I often feel under the weather and not wanting to get out of bed or get pretty on harder days.

    I have been taking medication for a few years now... its an on-going battle but it gets better.
    ryry2143 responded:
    Well dear, I believe you are depressed. I have very similar symptoms, and like you medication doesn't seem to work for me. I have tried therapy as well and it didn't do much for me. I had been looking for an online group-therapy and this site is what it lead me to. I feel like as long as you try to put yourself out there on here, maybe you'll get some responses that will help you. I am not sure if you are religious or not, but I'll be praying for you.. if you aren't religious.. just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts.
    I have also found that sometimes, after fighting with myself and actually making myself look pretty, it makes me feel better. If I get in the habit of looking pretty it gets even better, and if I exercise it is the best. Just a few of my things.


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