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    Today I Stopped The Snow Ball Effect
    lukeperry posted:
    Hi Everyone,

    Today I tried to have my prescription filled, and they told me it didn't go through. I called the ins. company and they said I no longer had any insurance. I immediately started freaking out. I thought oh no, what about all my doctors that I have to see almost monthly, and all my prescription's? What am I going to do? Then I started shaking and worrying about all those things, that hadn't happened yet.

    Wright that second, I stopped myself from all those negative thoughts, and said "stop, God has always taken care of you, and he's not going to stop now." One of the blessings we get from what ever form of mental illness we have,(bi-polar, depression, etc...) is we have a closer connection with God, then well people have. I've noticed that from the way you write on here, and from the people that I know personally.

    Today, I stopped myself from the snowball, negative effect, which saved me so much grief. I called the ins. people back, they had made a mistake, everything was the same.

    I also walked to the store, it's about 7 blocks from my apt.(gave myself a pat on the back for that) Calling the insurance co. and talking to a bunch of different people. (another pat on the back) I think that we all deserve a pat on the back every time we do something that's difficult for us. We can't keep having negative thoughts, without replacing them with positive ones. My shrink explained it like this, say our brain is like a bank, If we keep taking out neg. thought's, pretty soon the bank will be empty. So, we have to keep replacing them with positive ones. I hope I said that right.

    Thanks for listening, I needed to tell somebody, who would understand what I'm talking about, how I stopped those neg. thoughts from snowballing (if you don't believe in God, you can still stop them). Plus I wanted to say, don't forget to pat yourself on the back, every time you do something that's difficult for you. Like cleaning a room, emptying the dish washing etc.... Because, you deserve it.

    mason4073 responded:
    Good Job ,Luke!
    lukeperry replied to chez1's response:
    I told that story, hoping that somebody might be able to copy me. I think one of our biggest depression problem's, is starting to worry about a problem before it's even necessary. At least, I do it, then the problem never happens. So I got all upset for nothing.

    When that happens, I will have one neg. thought after the other, until it turns into a mountain, or a gigantic snowball. So I practice (and it takes a lot of it) replacing those neg. thoughts with positive ones. Like doing the laundry, or going to the grocery store. What ever I did that was a big deal to me, and made me feel good. I only think of those good things. Talk to you later.

    Gamike9 replied to lukeperry's response:
    I think you're on the right track.... It is easy to "forecast" problems before they occur.
    An_249837 responded:
    I am so proud of you...and so thankful that you shared this today. It's been a bad day for me and your words of encouragement were just what I needed. Thank you and best of luck to you, Luke.
    Maresy responded:
    I don't know how long ago you posted this but I think it is great. It helped me today and I'm sure will help many others. Keep up the good work. Thanks for your help.
    Demons2011 replied to Maresy's response:
    Lukeperry, outstanding effort on your part. Events like this create hope and continuing courage when we read posts like this. Yes, courage. We know the other calling to us. It's not an easy one to rebuke.
    Completed replied to mason4073's response:
    It is funny how I stumbled onto this. I truely believe that depressed people have a closer walk with God cause we always have to call upon him. We all have afflictions even characters in the Bible. Sometimes I believe that It is my affliction because of how much I try to stay close to him. I know what it is to fight to get up to want to face the world. Making a bed, picking up the house. I have 3 puppies, and It is hard for me to want to get up and take care of them And in the back of my mind I know they have to eat and be watered. I have this conversation with myself. Telling me all creatures need food. So I make myself get up and do And I apply this to myself it helps me stay focused. I have anxiety attacks and I have learned how to focus on keeping them in control. I am tired of giving money to the pharmacies. I have a Cd that I listen too. I am a music person, I have a music Cd with percussions sounds works for me. It keeps the part of my mind that stresses out about everything away from keeping me from being able to function. Each of us has a focus point but it has to not be stressful. I recommend you search for it and take your time with it. It has really helped me. I quite looking for excuses. And just made myself take control. The mind can really do a number on you if you let it....And Great Job Luke. You have made your step a good one....Keep up the good work.....<3
    troyrockfit responded:
    Hi Luke, I have been trying to stop this snow ball effect for years and I have been working with my shrink on this. and the pat on the back is something I do not do very much of. I am glad I had the chance to read this.
    elliot11 responded:

    That is fantastic - great for you! That is a great tip I will try to keep in mind.

    I guess I can pat myself on the back - after three straight days in bed and unable to get up, I was able to get up and move around my house today, heated some soup for myself, and stayed up. So, it's a baby step, but it's a step!

    Keep up the good work, Luke! God bless You!
    lukeperry replied to elliot11's response:
    Hi elliot,

    Oh No, don't you dare call those baby steps! Today you did 4 Great things. You finally got out of bed, (1st...big step) 2nd Big step.. cooked yourself food,( i don't care if it was soup or a roast) It was just as difficult! 3rd big step...and probably the biggest of them all, you stayed up and didn't go back to bed!

    You can give yourself a BIG pat on the back, for each and everyone of those things you did. Smile, be proud, and at least be happy for as long as you can. Then do another one tomorrow. The reason for the pat, is of how hard each one of them were for you to do, and you did it anyway!

    Don't ever treat yourself worse then you would treat me or your best friend. You would have told me to pat myself on the back, for me to just take a shower, because of how difficult it is for me. All of these pats build up your self confidence, give you strength, and hopefully keep you up, and trying. Eventually your baby steps will get larger and you'll be stronger. Now, that's where the baby steps come in. Sometimes it's one step forward and 2 steps back. Don't ever think of any steps back, always focus on the positive ones forward.

    Try to replace any negative thoughts with good memory's, good times, or anything good. That's how you go forward. Don't ever punish yourself for having a bad day, like not doing what you think you should have done today. Just forget it and start over. God bless you, give you more strength, happiness, and always baby, big or whatever steps forward. Sorry, I didn't mean to write you a book. What can I say, I'm a blabber mouth.

    One more thing, don't EVER listen to anybody who try's to ever put you down! Try and think of where the source is coming from. Are they a perfect person? (no such thing!) Just keep doing YOUR best, not their best, but only yours.

    I took a shower today and to me it was like climbing a mountain! Somebody else would laugh, "yip ye, so the crazy person took a shower!" But I could care less what they say, because they have no idea, about mental illness or depression. By the grace of God, (who is closer to us then anybody) none of the so called normal people, will ever find out what it feels like. God bless and goodnight.

    This discussion should be made into a book, by length alone. Night, night (again!)

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