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    Tired of feeling like this
    jm1724 posted:
    This is my first post and probably the same issue has come up many times. I'm in my early 30s, I think i've been suffering from depression since my teens but didn't know what it was. I thought i was just being a pesimist about everything because everything seemed bad. In addition to my depression i also have ADD which is difficult to deal with on its own.

    I'm married and i've been in a hole for more than 3 months. I don't know how to talk or explain to him how i feel or what i'm going thru. I've been very upset and angry and it's affecting our relationship, in every area.

    Currently i'm taking Adderal xr for the ADD and Prozac for the anxiety and depression but is not working. I need help. I need to get out of this. I'm tired of being tired, upset, angry. I can't even make simple decisions anymore like what to eat or what to do. I need help to get out but don't know how. Any suggestions are welcomed.
    focusonyourbreath responded:
    When I first joined this online forum I was alone, scared, and had just come off of a stupid amount of medication. I was on uppers, downers, antidepressants and some. I started taking adderall when I was in 8th grade. Fellow student didnt want to take her pills and said they were meant to help her focus. I took them,grades shot up and it turned into something i "needed" for 9 years. started off with a 10mg and ended with a 45mg 3 times a day. now, i am on nothing. nada, zlitch. came off all of the antidepressants and antianxiety pills first. i was always on the wrong "cocktail" of drugs. when i just had adderall left to get rid of, i was introduced to this body by vi 90 day health challenge. i wanted to get healthy so i joined the challenge and immediately felt energy that wasnt in the form of a pill. i decided to use the health challenge to get me off of adderall. since i was on such a high dose of adderall i slept all of the time for the first 3 months. i was starving. but i knew it was my body just getting use to not having this drug id give it for 9 years straight. That was January 5th 2012. I've now been adderall free for over a year! woo hoo!!! can i tell you something too, i think i got depressed initially because my body was not getting the proper nutrients. the adderall made me not eat and i am a vegetarian. not healthy and what adderall does to your mind is not good. it took over my soul. Now, this is my first time back on this site since all of this happened. This 90 day health challenge is great for those who are suffering and looking for the answers in pills. I am going to suggest a book. Louise Hay, you can heal your life. read it, buy it on audio, both, whatever. that was what i would listen to, write down while listening to the audio everyday while i was "alone" in transition. Take on the challenge. It is healthy and do it for yourself. In life you got to get through things. Not numb them and pay for your doctors childrens college tuition. Whenever I would go to the psychiatrist, mental hospital or where ever and cry about how alone i felt the answer always seemed to be in more pills. nope, wrong. just the opposite. RUN, SWIM, BIKE, BE ACTIVE, LIVE, EAT WELL. You were made perfectly. your mind is healthy. you have air coming through your lungs you are meant to be alive. Know what I am doing now? I am training to be an ironman. An f'n ironman. lol, that's 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a full marathon. I havent swam in 9 years (go figure i got body dysmorphic disorder when i started taking adderall bc it f's w/ your brain so much), ran cross country one year of my life (7th grade) and never biked before. It's the ultimate challenge. The body knows no limits, its your mind that needs to convincing. You can go to
    You can do this, i believe in you.
    you can email me too
    [email protected]
    wannatalk65 responded:
    See another doctor, most towns or cities have a behavioral center. See if they can help?

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