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    "snap out of it"
    tiny450 posted:
    Why do people think you can just magically snap out of this.I even had a past doctor say that to me...I try to explain it to them and I have just given up that effort..they don't believe you anyway..they
    get that look on their faces like you are putting one over on them...this is difficult enough without the negative treatment from
    the "peanut gallery" is snowing least the bitter cold is over for a while..good old Wisconsin...
    beautifulbuffalo responded:
    No you can't just get over it. You need to find another Dr. or make an appointment with a therapist. I see a psychiatric nurse practioner and a psychiatrist over sees her. Before her I saw a social worker and even she can get you on the right track. Don't give up! Keep at it until you find the right DR. that is going to listen to you. Good Luck.
    prophetess1987 responded:
    I'm new to this forum, i usually post on the SH forum, but just wanted to reply to your post, simply b/c it enrages me that a doc would say that! they are supposed to be professional and take everything u say seriously, but unfortunately there are those out there that don't do their job properly.

    i would suggest to definitely search for a new doc, it may take awhile (i'm in Canada, so our system is a bit different), but it will be well worth it. even if they just do their job and refer u to the appropriate professional.

    and unfortunately, people who haven't experienced depression or may not know that they've experienced it seem to think you can simply snap out of it, but that is just ignorance.

    keep at it, I will be sending u my thoughts in hope of finding a great doc who will listen and even better understand.

    hopeless2013 replied to prophetess1987's response:
    No you can't just sanp out of it. I've had depression since i was age 12 thats 17 years now. Some times are better than other sometimes meds work or therpy. Sometimes like this past year its been horrible no meds are working longterm for me, I've been on 7 different meds this and now on a new one. But I have hope cause depression comes and goes som people take a med or only have it once in your life others have it long. I've had many doctors and thepists tell me I will always struggle with it. Sometimes i feel why should i hope or fight to get better cause i'l alwasy have to deal with depression. But in my heart i have hope i focus on my faith in god and the people who do try to understand me the closet people to me my husband and mom. You need to find someone or a few who at least tries to understand no one will completely understand unless you have depression too. But somepeople will try you need people like that in you r life also something that give you hope and get you through the tough times my faith is what gets me through . you can do yoga, exercise , mediatio or pray something or aything that gives you some purpose to get you through. If you doctor doesn't understand you then i suggest you find a theapist thats specializes in depression and also makes you feel comfortable. My hope is that you fid a great doctor and some people that understand you
    sadsally replied to hopeless2013's response:
    You seem somewhat like myself-I've been on depression meds for years and had shoulder surg. w/alot of pain-my job of 6 yrs gave my the cold shoulder for being off work, my husband is sick( Heart, stroke, pacemaker and chronic pain to present date) I became much more depressed,anxious to and suicidal, then went into the hospital for the depression 2 times. I have been home since June 2012 and am now on disability which I'm very thankful for. My now issue is meds are not doing the job, I am better but still think about suicide, and don't leave my house often. I have lost friends when they found out I had the breakdown. I am afraid to make decisions now and trust no one. I feel alone in this and can't figure out how to go back to my old self.I am in Therapy whick is great for a day or so then boom my mood is down. I guess more than anything I wanted to vent-people just don't understand and some have told me to basically snap out of it-and that I'm lucky I don't have to work ect...I pray alot and that is my help. Any suggestions welcome. God Bless
    itmatsb replied to hopeless2013's response:
    Those doctors and therapists that told you that you would always struggle with it were either wrong or you misunderstood them. You will treatment for your depression for the rest of your life. But if you can find the right medication, it could all change.

    I was depressed from the time I was a child. It got far more severe when I was 15 years old. An MAO Inhibitor finally helped me when I was about 30 years old. But then I couldn't take it due to a bad side effect. Then I was suicidal for years into my mid-30s. My psychiatrist suggested that I try light treatment and that it should work in 5 to 14 days. I tried it for a full 4 weeks with massive light from 4 fluorescent tubes which had to be within 12 inches of my eyes. Would you believe that after those 4 weeks, it completely treated my depression and my wierd sleep pattern? Then menopause hit and the light no longer worked. But I finally found another anti-depressant that did work. I do have to take it for the rest of my life with my long history of depression. You could also find the right answer to your depression. Don't give up.
    itmatsb responded:
    To tiny and everyone,
    You have to be careful who you tell about your depression because there is plenty of ignorance out there. It can be from a chemical imbalance that there is no more ability to snap out of it, than a diabetic can snap out of an insulin imbalance.

    If you need to tell a loved one who doesn't understand, have them go to your doctor's appt (to the one prescribing the anti-depressant) who can explain that it is a medical condition.
    Bio_student responded:
    I've been to therapists who are very sensitive about wording. They would never say this. It's based in ignorance. However, people see a GRAIN of truth in it. My best therapist said, "Fake it until you make it." This is a powerful concept. Lets say you are so depressed you never shower and can barely eat boxed food. Also: fixing a proper meal is totally out of the question, "who cares."

    Being able to type here may mean your depression, and mine is way easier than this description. - - - So you have some choices. We have some things to be thankful for. A neighbor as a GOOD therapist can say, "You look cheerful today." Maybe you faked it. What if you go to the favorite places of 10 years ago, and you fake it. You can get SOME positive responses and then you feel better about yourself. If you feel better, week after week then you are faking it until you make it. Maybe you see that stupid doctor and he/she says, "OK. I guess you're more responsive today. Take 2 asprin and ..... " Well, the doc still has a judgement problem, but it's NOT your problem.

    When dealing with depression we can't go around COLLECTING other people's problems. If I needed extra baggage, I should carry some for people I know, not the stranger in a fast food place! Faking it can be a spiral out, and it is NEVER a quick fix. You do not "SNAP" out of it. That sounds like magic. So the next time you hear it say, "Wow, your magic is powerful. Can you bottle it? Send me 5% of your profits, please."
    SuzianStar replied to itmatsb's response:
    I like to use an example to enlighten people about this idea that we can 'SNAP OUT IT" when referring to depression.

    I simply ask, would you ever expect someone with diabetes to simply "snap out of it",

    The answer is always NO, they would not expect anyone to "snap out" of diabetes.

    Then, just explain that depression is the same exact thing - a disease - the body isn't making the right balance of chemicals...much like diabetes. Both diseases cause severe symptoms. Most people get it after that analogy. It helps them understand that depression is an illness and we can't "snap out of it" no matter how much we would LOVE TO!!!

    Nobody likes depression.

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